• When it comes to a hen night there is certainly a traditional game that is often played. This is probably the number one chosen game to play during the evening and is likely even a woman’s favorite hen night party game. The game is Truth or Dare. Truth or Dare is a classic game even children play at slumber parties. However, at a hen night, there’s usually a bit of a twist. This is traditionally the bride’s last day of freedom, therefore, the questions and dares tend to be a little more risqué than you’d find at your average slumber party.

    The basic premise to this classic hen night party game is that one person starts off. This is typically either the hostess of the party or the bride. Let’s say the hostess of the party starts the game off and chooses the bride as the intended person to complete the tasks. The hostess asks the bride, “truth or dare?” The bride will then choose one or the other. If she chooses truth, the hostess will ask her a question that the bride has to answer honestly. For example, she may ask, “Have you ever kissed another man while you’ve been with your fiancée?” The bride then has to answer honestly. If the bride chooses to do a dare, then the hostess chooses a dare for her. Perhaps she may ask the bride to sing her favorite song to the entire party.

    This is a hen night party game that can be a lot of fun for both the person doing the task and those watching. But, perhaps there is a time when the person who is singled out is uncomfortable with the outcome. Then what? Before the game starts, the groups as a whole should come up with a list of consequences for not completing the task. A good example of this is making the person take a particularly strong shot or they have to cluck like a chicken very loudly. So, if the bride does not wish to sing or answer the question, she will be subject to having to pay the consequences. Sometimes the consequences are just as funny as the dare can be.

    When playing Truth or Dare, it is a great idea to make sure you use your imagination. If you know the people at the party well, this is a great time to use the information you have on them. If they are particularly shy, having them do something publicly can embarrass them greatly which can be really amusing. This hen night party game is all in good fun, though and should be taken as such.

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    You don’t want anyone to feel really embarrassed or uncomfortable but you do want to make the questions or dares interesting enough to titillate. At the end of the evening, everyone will have had a great time filled with laughs and camaraderie. The bride will have an enjoyable last night of freedom and a night to remember for years to come.

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