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    Choosing hen party games can seem like a hard task, especially if you’ve never been to a hen party before much less organized one.  However, picking out the best hen party games is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance.  Before picking out the final games, make sure you have an idea regarding the type and size of the party.  Where will the party be located?  Sometimes it is held in a private residence, other times it is held in a public place like a bar or club.  How many people will attend?  Of course the bride will be there and generally the bridal party as well.  Sometimes it stops there and other times extended friends and family is also included.  What are the personalities of the people attending?  This will give a good starting point on choosing the hen party games.

    If you are having the party in a private home, choose hen party games that do not need outside participants.  Rate the Man, for example, would not be a good game to play at home but a great one to play in a bar.  At home you won’t see any strange men coming and going since men are not allowed to attend hen parties.  Likewise, if you are having the party at a pub, a balloon race might not be the ideal choice.  It’s a great party game and relay race but if you are tripping over tables and bar stool and running into other patrons, you probably won’t be welcome in that bar for long.  Best to leave that game for in home use only.

    Is the party going to be small or large?  If it is just the wedding party consisting of a group of best girlfriends, it is likely everyone already knows one another pretty well.  This makes choosing hen party games much easier.  You also have a lot more choices since everyone trusts one another.  You can get a bit racier with a smaller group.  However, with a larger group there are many more personalities to take into consideration so you have to be more careful regarding the types of games to be played.  Also, you don’t want to play individual games where you have to take turns.  It will mean someone is waiting a long time until it is their turn which can get boring.  Better to stick to team events with a large group.

    Personalities of the group are the final and likely most important consideration when determining the choice of hen party games.  If there are those who are shy in the group you don’t want to pick games that will put them on the spot.  If you have someone who doesn’t drink, you don’t want to choose a lot of drinking games for the party.  Choosing hen party games is not too difficult when you take all factors into consideration.  You will likely never be able to please everyone all the time but you can get pretty close just by careful planning and being aware of all the people in attendance.

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