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    There are several hens night games ideas that are ideal for that last night of freedom for the bride. Depending on the people who will be attending and the venue, you should choose either some bawdy games or some more conservative ones. Many of the hens night games ideas are more appropriate for a more sedate time and they are great to be played with a large group of varying personalities. If you are going to have a party with a small group of adventurous friends, though, you can choose some of the racier games and have a bit more of a wild time.

    One of the best ways to have fun, though is to choose some hilarious hens night games ideas. These are the types of games that are sure to make everyone laugh because they are so funny. Some of the results of the games can be hilarious. Make sure to take plenty of pictures of your great time so it can be remembered for years to come. You want to make sure everyone enjoys the time and leaves with a smile on their face. Some examples of hilarious hens night games ideas are:

    • Balloon Pass – Break up into two or more teams. Use long balloons, fill them and fit them between the legs of the first person in line. Each person passes it to the next in line until the end. This is a really funny game with everyone trying not to use their hands.
    • Challenge – This is similar to the classic Truth or Dare game except there’s no truth involved, just dares. One person challenges another to do something. The other person has to do the challenge or submit to a predetermined punishment.
    • Dress Design – Have two or more teams choose a “bride” then use rolls of toilet paper to design a wedding dress for the model. Don’t forget to take pictures!
    • Make a Man – Get your creative juices flowing. Break up into several teams, pairs or you can even do this individually. The hostess has a list of body parts written on index cards. The body parts, when combined, make up a whole man. Each team has to sculpt, out of clay, their assigned body part without peeking at the other teams. The bride then gets each body part and puts it together to form a whole man. This can be hilarious when nobody coordinates the sizes!
    • Pin the Male on the Model – Everyone’s heard of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You get blindfolded, spun around and pointed in the general direction of a picture of the donkey. You then try to pin the detached tail in the right place without peeking. The person closest to the mark wins. This works the same way except substitute a picture of a naked man for a donkey. Guess what’s used for the tail?
    • Ugliest picture – This is something that takes a little pre party planning. This is also one of the games to play at a hens night that can be a lot fun and very entertaining. Each person is tasked with trying to dig up the ugliest possible picture of the groom they can find. This one is perfect for relatives. After the worst one is agreed upon, the bride has to carry it with her and show everyone she meets who she is marrying.

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