• If you are the maid of honor in a bridal party, it is traditionally your role to throw a hen night for the bride. This evening is supposed to be her last night of freedom so often it can get a bit rowdy but everyone is sure to have a great time. You can either have a hen night in a private home where everyone gathers to have some food, drink and socialize. Or, you can go out on the town to go to several clubs or bars and have some fun there. Regardless of which option you choose, there is one tradition that is constant. Choosing games to play on a hen night is a fun and exciting part of the evening and is sure to make the party complete. But which games to play on a hen night?

    You should take a little time to research which games to play on a hen night are available and take some time to learn the rules before deciding. Three or four games to play on a hen night should be sufficient to keep the party rolling yet still leave plenty of unstructured free time for the guests to socialize and do as they wish. Before deciding on which games to play on a hen night, take into consideration who will be attending and get an idea of their personalities. If it is going to be a bawdy girls night out, there are several games to play on a hen night that will accommodate this. If you are looking for a more sedate time, other games may be more appropriate.

    For a bawdy time, some of the games to play on a hen night include Truth or Dare, Challenge, Naughty Scavenger Hunt and Pin the Male on the Model. These games to play on a hen night are all designed for the more adventurous spirits and those who are shy may feel uncomfortable playing them. Not to worry, though, after a few drinks most everyone loses their inhibitions and they will be ready to play in no time.

    For a more sedate crowd or a more formal gathering, there are games to play on a hen night that will accommodate those tastes too. List of advice for the Bride, Forbidden Words, Poem Writing Contest and Relay Games are good choices for the less adventurous crowds. Everyone is still sure to have a great time but these games are more suited to a calmer evening at home. It is also a great idea to mix and match a few games so everyone will be sure to have fun.

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    Hosting a hen night can be a lot of fun but it takes some effort and planning to accommodate everyone’s tastes. With a little planning and research, though, you will be sure to choose games to play on a hen night that will be sure to please everyone. The bride and all the guests will have a memorable time and some fun stories to talk about for years to come.

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