• Hen parties are a great way to send off the bride to be into her new life. It is a time she will remember fondly for the rest of her life especially when she looks back on the pictures and sees all her good friends and family. Therefore, it is important to make a great impression and have some fun activities for all the guests to enjoy. It is also important to throw the party without breaking the bank! Use the top ten free hen party games as a starting point in planning your perfect party. Both the bride and the guests will appreciate the effort and nobody will know you didn’t pay anything for them.

    1. One of the free hen party games you can play is one that does not take very much planning or preparation at all. It is also a great option to play throughout the night. Decide on a few words or phrases that can not be said for the duration of the party. Every time someone says the word or phrase, the person has to take a drink. This is a great way to get the party started.

    2. Some free hen party games that take a little more preparation includes having everyone bring in the most unattractive picture of the groom they can find. The bride then has to show everyone she comes in contact with that she is marrying this guy. Then she shows the picture. The guests can sit back and enjoy the reaction of all who are looking at the picture. The worse the picture is, the better this game is.

    3. Playing free hen party games to get to know one another is a great idea. Having the bride play a game to see how well she knows the groom can be really hilarious. The hostess should call the groom and ask a series of questions. These can be as serious or as funny as the imagination can come up with. The guests take turns asking questions of the bride and the bride tries to get it right.

    4. Taking cards and handing them out to the guests for them to write words of wisdom to the bride is another of the free hen party games that can be played. It is also a great way to have a keepsake for the bride when the evening is over. Guests can make the words of wisdom heartfelt and serious, funny or even a bit bawdy.

    5. Truth or dare is probably the most classic of the free hen party games available. It is a tried and true go to game for everyone to enjoy. This is also great for when the ladies are on the town and want to get a little rowdy.

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    Free hen party games are a great idea to save money as well as ensure all the guests have an enjoyable time. Not only will you entertain the guests but you can do so on a very tight budget by using free hen party games. Impress your friends and leave the bride with a memorable evening. Nobody will have to know you managed it all on a budget.

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