• If you are the maid or matron of honor in a bridal party, it is part of your responsibility to plan, organize and host the hen party for the bride. Traditionally this is held the evening or weekend before the wedding and is considered the bride’s last night of freedom. So, the goal of the party is to make sure the bride has a great time and it is an evening or weekend she will never forget. The hostess should consider decorations, food and drinks for all the guests. She should decide on where it will be held, either in a home or in a bar or club. But, one of the most important parts of the event is planning the hen night games.

    Everyone should have fun with hen night games and everyone should be comfortable participating in them. This can sometime be a challenge especially if you have a large guest list with multiple personalities, ages and relationships. You don’t want the bride to be uncomfortable making her do some racy dares in front of her mother in law to be. Likewise, you don’t want the more adventurous in the group to be too bored. So, having a few hen night games that will cater to a variety of tastes is generally a good idea. You can also choose to do some of the more adventurous games during the end of the evening to give others an option of calling it a night and leaving the bawdy fun to the more daring in the group.

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    Starting off with some fun hen night games like Banned Words is a good ice breaker. This game is suitable for everyone and is easily played. The hostess comes up with two or three words or phrases that can not be said during the duration of the party. “Wedding”, “husband”, “dress” or “marriage” are great words from which to choose. If someone is caught uttering them during the evening, they have to pay a consequence. This can be a fine or having to take a shot. Whatever is chosen as the consequence will be almost as fun as the game itself.

    A few other hen night games that are fun for all include races such as a balloon pass where you break up into teams and pass a balloon from one person to the other without using your hands. This can be a lot of fun and bring out the competitive spirit in everyone. How about a poetry writing contest where every team has to make up a poem for the bride? The poems can be funny, sincere or even a bit bawdy.

    Choosing fun hen night games is the cornerstone of a good hen party. The hostess will be the hit of the party if she plans and researches a bit before the event. Coming up with some great hen night games will bring everyone together and give them a sense of camaraderie. Everyone will work to ensure the bride has a memorable evening and a great time on this, her last day of freedom.

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