• There are so many things to plan when dealing with a wedding that the bride to be will be very thankful when her friends step up to the plate to take care of hen party activities. The bride to be will be sure to appreciate her closest friends and family taking over the responsibility of planning the best fun games for hen nights available so everyone has a great time and enjoys themselves. Planning the night can be a bit stressful but having a ready list of some of the most fun games for hen nights is a great start in ensuring it all goes successfully.

    Some of the fun games for hen nights include the following:

    Truth or Dare – This classic game is perfect for either a quiet, elegant evening at home or a bawdy night on the town. You will just need to scale back the types of questions asked depending on the venue and the guests.

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    Challenge – This is one of the games for hen nights that are a bit more suited to the more adventurous types. It is similar to Truth or Dare except that in Challenge, there are only dares.

    Scavenger Hunt – Break everyone up into teams and go looking for items on a list. You can make this as tame or risqué as you would like. You can either make a list of items or clues that will give you an idea of what the item is.

    Write a Poem Contest – This is another one of the great games for hen nights that involves teams. You break up into teams and compose a poem. It can be heartfelt and sincere, funny or a bit lewd depending on your taste. The teams will then read aloud their finished product to the bride and she will choose a winner. The winning team gets a prize. The bride gets a keepsake book of all her original poems.

    Banned Words – This is one of those games for hen nights that last all night so it’s a great one to start off with. Choose a few words or sayings such as “wedding” and “groom” that can not be said for the duration of the party. If someone says it, they have to pay a consequence such as drink a shot, pay a fine or do a dare.

    Pin the Male on the Model – This is a bit of a risqué game where there is a poster of a good looking male model who isn’t wearing anything. Instead of a tail as in Pin the Tail on the Donkey, each person has the model’s “maleness”. While blindfolded, each person tries to put it in the right place. The one who is closest gets a prize.

    There are many games for hen nights that can be played and the above list is just a start for a few ideas. Make sure you do some planning and research to ensure your event goes off without a hitch and that everyone has an enjoyable time. With a little imagination and a few party games to play, it should be a great night.

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