• There are so many enjoyable games for hen parties available it may be difficult to choose which ones to play.  When planning for that special night, there are several things to consider.  First, how many people are going to be attending?  Are you going out to a club or pub or are you having the party in someone’s home?  What is the age range and relationship of the attendees to the bride to be?  All those questions should be answered before determining which games for hen parties should be considered.

    For large parties team games for hen parties are a great way to get everyone involved without taking up too much time to play them.  Everyone will get a chance to participate and won’t have to wait a long time for their turn.  Splitting the group into two or more teams in order to play team building games or have relay type races is a great idea to get a large group entertained.  For large groups, balloon races, treasure hunts and creative collaborations are perfect types of games for hen parties.

    Games for hen parties should also be determined based on the venue.  If you are going to have the party in someone’s home, there are more options available to you for races and team games.  Scavenger hunts, toilet paper dress designs, balloon races and Pin the Male on the Model are ideal in house activities.  If you are going out on the town with a group of friends or hitting various pubs, there are other games that are more conducive to this type of setting.  Truth or Dare, Challenge, drinking games, Rate the Man and I Never are perfect games to play when going out.

    If there is a mix of attendees in age range or some people who may not feel comfortable playing some of the bawdier games, there are several classic games for hen parties that are ideal for this situation.  Everyone will still have a good time and have fun but nobody is at risk for being offended, feeling out of place or put on the spot.  Banned Words, Dress Designs using toilet paper, Marital Bliss Secrets, Who Owns the Bag and poetry contests are all great games to play when there is a question as to how comfortable the guests will be playing more risqué games.

    Taking into consideration all factors of the party planning will help you pull off the ideal hen night.  The bride and all the guests will have a good time and remember the party for years to come.  Consider the venue, number of attendees and the personality of the guests before choosing the types of games for hen parties for the occasion.  Make sure you also have on hand plenty of prizes for the winners of the games to hand out as well as little trinkets that can be used as mementos for the evening.  Also, make sure to take plenty of pictures so you can have a great album of the evening prepared for the bride so she has something to remember it by.

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