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    Two classic games that are traditionally played during most hen nights are Truth or Dare and Challenge. The premise of both games is very similar. The only real difference between the two games is one is based on both dares and questions and the other is simply dares. When planning a last night of freedom for the bride and you want to play hen night games dares are some of the more popular activities you can participate in. They are also some of the most fun. They can be funny and sometimes even embarrassing but will leave a lasting impression on all who attend the party.

    Truth or Dare is a game that is played where one person starts off. They choose another person in the group and ask then if they prefer to choose a truth or a dare. If the other person chooses truth, the asker comes up with a question the person has to answer honestly. This can be a great way to get to know some of the people in the group. If the person answers that she would prefer to do a dare, then the asker comes up with a task the person has to follow through with. This can be something funny or embarrassing or risqué. The person then has to comply and do it. Once completed, it is their turn to choose someone to ask, “Truth or Dare”? Challenge is the same game but without using any questions.

    But what if the person chosen does not want to answer the question or do the dare? When you play hen night games dares are a big part of it but there are some who may not feel comfortable doing a particular dare. Perhaps they feel like it would be too embarrassing to do. In that case, the person has to pay the consequences. Before the start of the game, everyone should come up with two or three choices for consequences in case someone opts out of the dare or challenge. Most people decide on doing something like having to take a particular shot which is usually something strong or perhaps pay a small fine to the bride. Another good punishment is to make the person stand up and cluck like a chicken. If they opt out of the truth, dare or challenge, the asker gets to choose the punishment.

    When you play hen night games dares are a great part of the experience. This is especially true if you have a group who is going out on the town or to visit their favorite club or bar. The more adventurous the group, the more fun this game can be. It is important to be creative and imaginative when coming up with dares. Make someone chug a beer, have them kiss a stranger, make them sing a Broadway tune to the entire venue or do some type of dance. The results can be hilarious for both the person doing the dare and those who are watching. Truth or Dare and Challenge are great games to play at hen night for all to enjoy.

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