• There are lots of great hen nite party games for people looking for ideas. Whether you are a bride to be discussing your party with your girlfriends or the hostess of the party, there are lots of great hen nite party games from which to choose. It is important to ensure everyone has a great time playing hen nite party games, so choosing the ones that everyone will enjoy will ensure your event is memorable and successful. The bride to be should also have a great time before she has to get ready for the wedding.

    For hen nite party games, consider the personalities of the group as a whole. Is the group more timid or are they a pretty adventurous lot? For the timid group, there are party games that can be played where they enjoy the evening but do not have to do anything too terribly wild or potentially embarrassing. These are also good games to play when there is family involved in the evening. Who wants to be completely lewd when the future mother in law is watching? While that may be great for a wilder evening, it may be wise to tame the games a bit for those occasions. Likewise, if you have a group of wild girls set on painting the town red, you don’t want them bored to tears sipping tea.

    If you have no idea what hen nite party games will be best, employ the help of some friends and relatives. Chances are some of them have either attended or even thrown a hen night and can give you some valuable advice. Also, ask the bride for her opinion because she is the one most likely to know all about the personalities of the people who are invited. When in doubt, it is best to have a few games that are a bit mixed and appropriate for everyone. You can always have some wilder standby games in case you get feedback throughout the night that they want to step it up a bit. As long as you are prepared for any contingency, your party will come together perfectly.

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    Don’t worry too much about having to guide the entire party for the duration. Have a few hen nite party games available for some structured fun but when you have a group of women together they will take care of the rest. This is especially true if there is drinking involved. People tend to lose their inhibitions and want to have a little fun. Have some hen nite party games on hand. Three or four games is best but leave plenty of time for free socializing, drinking and dancing.

    With a little planning and organization the hen party will come off wonderfully. You will be the hit of the party and the bride will be very grateful to you for putting so much time and effort into making her special last night of freedom a perfect one. It will be a great send off for her marriage to the man she loves the next day.

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