• There are so many games, contests and races that can be played at a hen’s night that it can sometimes be hard to determine which ones are best. After doing some research into all the games that should be considered for the hen night, perhaps you decided on making one of them a quiz. The hen night games questions are among the most popular ways of getting to know the group in general and especially the bride. When choosing hen night games questions, make sure to ask around for ideas. Friends and family are great sources of information for this.

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    A bride quiz is a popular hen night games questions event. This is where the hostess contacts the groom and asks a series of questions. He answers them and she writes the answers down. The quiz can be as short or extensive as she wants it to be. It is really great to make sure to use your imagination when coming up with questions, too. The goal is to see how well the bride knows her intended. So, you want to ask some questions that are a bit obscure as well as some you think she ought to know. The hostess can then ask questions of the bride or guests can take turns asking questions. The game can be played just for fun, the bride can be forced to take a drink for every wrong answer or the guests can make side wagers on how many she will get right.

    Some hen night games questions that may want to be considered when creating the quiz are:

    1. What is his shoe size?
    2. What is his favorite song?
    3. What is his favorite movie?
    4. What is his favorite book?
    5. What are his parent’s names?
    6. Where did he go to college?
    7. What was the first album he bought?
    8. What was his first job?
    9. What is he afraid of?
    10. Where does he want to go on vacation?
    You should have at least ten questions but if you ask friends and family for stories and even the groom himself, you are bound to come up with some pretty unique hen night games questions that will stump the bride. She may find out a thing or two about her fiancée in the process which can be a lot of fun for everyone.

    One of the best ways to include the entire party on the questions and quizzes is to play the old time favorite game, Truth or Dare. This way everyone can get in on the fun of having to answer some questions and you can get to know some of the guests a little better. When you are creative with the questions and do a little planning and research, you can have a really enjoyable time. Come to the party prepared to ask questions not only of the bride but of your fellow guests. Using hen night games questions to get to know everyone is a fun idea that many people will enjoy.

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