• So you have found the man of your dreams and you are getting married.  But before that happens, you will be sure to have a fun and crazy hen party to celebrate before the big day.  You will look forward to an evening of camaraderie, drinking and fun hen party games.  But the question is, what type of fun hen party games will you play?  There are so many to choose from and they can bring the entire group closer and ensure everyone has a wonderful time before they have to get back to the more serious business of the wedding.  Impress the group with activities and only the most fun hen party games you can come up with.

    Fun hen party games are the cornerstone to any good hen party.  You want to be sure you have plenty of time for eating and drinking, socializing and other activities.  But between those, playing fun hen party games is a great way to keep the party going and everyone in a jovial mood.  They will be loosened up and ready to partake in the fun that can be had at a hen party with the proper fun hen party games.  In order to decide on which ones to play, though, there are a few things that should be considered.

    Hen Night Accessories

    First, it is important to know where the venue will be.  Are you going to have a party in the privacy of a home or are you going out on the town for drinks or pub hopping?  Some of the available fun hen party games are more suited to a private venue than a public one and some require more space than will probably be available in a public place.  So, choose carefully based on the venue.  If you are going to have organized fun hen party games in public, it may be wise to contact the venue before hand to ensure playing them will be acceptable.  For a hen night, they may even reserve a space specifically for you.

    Next, it is important to know who will be attending the hen party.  Traditionally the bridal party goes but there are also other friends and possibly family who might attend.  Make sure there are plenty of fun hen party games that will accommodate the tastes of everyone attending.  You don’t want to have too bawdy of a game for family members who may be a bit more sedate nor do you want all your wilder friends to be bored.  Fun hen party games consider all the tastes.

    Fun hen party games are a great way to get the party started and a way to transition between activities.  Everyone will interact and get to know one another which will lend to a pleasant evening all around.  The bride to be will want to remember her hen party throughout the years so it should be something worthwhile.  Make sure to consider everyone when choosing fun hen party games and the entire group will be impressed with your party planning skills.

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