• When it comes to finding hen nights games to play, there are many sources from which to choose. The Internet is a great place to look for hen nights games. There is a lot of information available throughout the web. Also, bridal magazines will often have articles on hen nights games where you can get ideas for which ones to play at your occasion. Finally, other people who have attended or planned hen parties will be an invaluable source of information. Ask friends and family for their ideas when it comes to planning hen nights games.

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    If you are still stuck on what to do for hen nights games, pick from some of the more popular games available. There are relay races, contests, tame games, wild games, drinking games and lewd games that can be played. What would suit the attendees of the party? Are you having a girl’s night out on the town where you will go to a bar or club? Or, are you having a quiet, elegant evening at home with several relatives in attendance? Certainly you will want to choose the hen nights games that are most appropriate for the gathering you are planning.

    While playing a bawdy game of I Never at the pub with the girls is a great way to spend an evening, there may be some things revealed in such a game you don’t want the future mother in law to know about. I never is a game where someone starts off by saying, “I never” and fills in the blank with something she never did. The people at the party who also never did that, do nothing. However, the ones who have done it have to take a drink or do a shot. Some things come out in this game you may not want anyone but your best girlfriends to know about.

    Likewise, if you have a group of ladies going out on the town looking for a wild time, sitting around competing in a poetry contest might not be the most fun thing for them to be doing with their time. They’d probably rather be playing some of the more racy games or playing some drinking games. So, when choosing hen nights games, be sure you know the personalities of the people who will attend and what they might enjoy best of all. Gauge the hen nights games around their tastes and you will be sure to come up with games that everyone will enjoy.

    If still in doubt, simply choose the middle of the road games. There are several that can be as tame or as wild as you dare depending on the participants. This way you set the game but the party goers are the ones who set the tone of the game. Always have three or four games to play during the evening but don’t worry too much about filling the entire night with one game after another. People will also want to have some free time to socialize with friends and talk rivately with the bride.

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