• Are you planning a hen night for a bride to be sometime soon? If so you will likely want to have some hen night party games available to fill up some time. Having hen night party games is a tradition that allows the guests to have a good time, get to know one another and let their hair down a bit. This is a really fun time and will be memorable for all who attend. Make sure when you plan the hen night party games to have some prizes available for the winners. These don’t have to be expensive, just some little trinkets that will be awarded to winners. Looking in discount stores or dollar stores are ideal places to find some small, inexpensive items.

    There are a lot of hen night party games from which to choose. One of the most important things to consider when deciding on the games is the personality of the people who will be attending. You don’t want to choose some of the more racy games for people who are a bit more conservative. For example, if you are having a tea party with friends and relatives and it is designed to be a simple, elegant evening, you don’t want the games that are too bawdy. Instead, choose the tamer games as hen night party games. Some suggestions are:

    Hen Night Accessories

    • Balloon Pass – a relay race where you pass the balloon from first to last without using your hands. The winning team gets a prize.
    • Banned Words – Find a few words that can’t be said for the duration of the night. If caught saying it, you have to pay a penalty. This can be a small fine that is given to the bride at the end of the night.
    • Dress Design – Use toilet paper to create your own wedding dress. Take pictures so the bride can have it as a memento.
    • Marital Bliss Secrets – Collect tidbits of advice from the guests on how to keep a marriage happy. Gather them into an album for the bride.
    • Quiz the bride – Find out just how well the bride knows her intended with a list of questions about her husband to be. This is one of the classic hen night party games.
    • Treasure Hunt – Hide items about the house and give clues on what they are and where they can be found.
    • Ugliest picture – Have each person find the ugliest picture of the groom they can find. This one is perfect for relatives. After the worst one is agreed upon, the bride has to carry it with her and show everyone she meets who she is marrying.
    • Who owns the bag? – Each person takes three items out of their handbag. The items are shown and the guests have to guess who owns them. Whoever guesses the most correct wins a prize.
    • Write a Poem – Have a contest for a poem as an ode to the bride and groom. This can be done individually or in teams.

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