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    Out of the many hen parties games, there are a few that stand out as being tried and true because they are played at almost every hen party. Traditional games are those that have stood the test of time and are proven to be enjoyable by one and all. Although there are dozens of games from which to choose, if you are having trouble deciding on the ones to plan for your party, go with the traditional hen parties games that have a proven reputation of being fun.

    The balloon pass relay race is one of the hen parties games that have been around for awhile. It is played at many hen parties as an ice breaker to warm up the crowd. This is a game that can be fun for everyone, whether you are looking for a raucous night or just a simple celebration to wish the bride to be well. This is the perfect game for a group where there are family and friends who might not be comfortable with the more adventurous or risqué games that can be played. The way it works is you are broken up into at least two teams but more can be used. Each team is given a balloon and it has to be passed from one person to another until it reaches the finish line. However, you can not use your hands at all to pass it.

    The balloon pass can liven up a room and lend a competitive spirit to the party. The hostess should remember to have on hand several small trinkets to use as prizes for the winners of the games. After some free time for socializing, another of the hen parties games should be played. This one can be a bit livelier and a bit racier if you so choose. How about Pin the Male on the Model? This is a really funny game that has some risqué elements in it, perfect for a bride’s last night of freedom. Everyone is familiar with the concept of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. A person is blindfolded and spun around so they are a bit disoriented. Then they try to pin the tail on the donkey in its appropriate place. The person who gets closest wins a prize.

    The twist with Pin the male on the model though, is instead of a donkey, there’s a picture of a naked man. Guess what needs to be pinned in its appropriate place? This game can lead to some hilarious results and can be a good time had by all. How about closing the evening with the classic game of Truth or Dare? This is a time honored tradition and can be as sedate or as bawdy as you dare. Everyone is sure to have a great time with this game. Between finding out a lot about the people in the party via the truths, there are opportunities for some really funny moments if you get creative with the types of dares that are attempted.

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