• Do you want to play a mr and mrs hen night game? One of the most popular of these games to play at a hen night is the Bridal Quiz. This is a traditional game that is often played at the time of the hen night but it does take a little planning and preparation prior to the event. The hostess of the party, usually the maid or matron of honor, will contact the groom with a series of questions. Typically a mr and mrs hen night game consists of at least ten questions but having twenty or more is advisable.

    The questions for a mr and mrs hen night game should be creative and a bit obscure. Look for questions that the bride might not know the answer to. This makes the game a lot more funny and lends the possibility of some laughter and party atmosphere. The guests will have fun listening to the bride get put on the spot to answer questions. She might be amazed at how much more there actually is to learn about her husband to be. It can be enlightening and give the bride something to discuss on her honeymoon with her husband.

    A twist on this mr and mrs hen night game is to interview both the bride and groom and come up with questions for the guests to answer pertaining to the bride and groom. Questions such as where they met, favorite foods, where the proposal took place and first kiss are things maybe closest friends might know but certainly not everyone. It can be a really funny time to require an answer even if they have no idea as to whether or not it is correct. When the questions are complete and everyone has an answer it is fun to read the question aloud and go around the room to see what everyone else answered. Finally, end up with the bride who has the correct answer to the questions. Some of the made up answers might be more fun than the actual ones.

    Playing a mr and mrs hen night game is a great way to get to know the bride and groom. It should not take too much time but should be extensive enough to have a few laughs. This is generally a game that is played at or near the beginning of the evening and used as an ice breaker. It is a great game to play. As a party favor, the hostess may want to put together a booklet of fifty to one hundred similar questions and hand them out at the party. The guests can then go home and ask the questions of their spouse or significant other and play along at home. The mr and mrs hen night game is a traditional game that is bound to be enjoyed by all. The bride and the guests will have a great time and leave with a smile. You will be satisfied knowing you hosted a grand party that was very memorable.

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