• Sometimes it can be difficult to come up with exciting games for a hens night. However, there are many ideas from which you can choose that will help you out in planning the ideal party. If you are having trouble coming up with ideas for games for a hens night, there are several below for selection. In addition to the games shown, you can also get ideas from others who have planned a hens night including friends and family. You can also look on the Internet or in bridal magazines for other ideas.

    If you are having some trouble finding games for a hens night, a good idea is to incorporate getting advice into the party. With the invitations, require each person to come up with an idea for games for a hens night. Write all the ideas down on individual cards as they come in. You can put them all in a hat and pick one, two or more each time. You can then give a prize to the person who thought of the game as well as have fun playing it through the course of the evening. You can let each person submit as many games as they want so you have a whole group of ideas for games for a hens night.

    If you don’t want to randomly choose games for a hens night, you can have a contest. Have each person pick their favorite games for a hens night that they brought and give a brief presentation to the party, explaining the rules of the game, where they came up with it and why it is fun. They can even demonstrate portions of the game if they want. Make each person really sell their idea to the group. This alone can get really funny as the guests try their best sales pitch on the party.

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    When everyone is done presenting their game, then pass out ballots. Each person has to vote on which game they want to play based on how effective the presentation was. The only rule is that you can not vote on your own game! This ensures that not everyone will simply vote for their own games for a hens night but there will be a clear winner. Have the bride to be count the ballots out lout while someone else keeps score. The bride to be can make this very dramatic if she chooses.

    Once a winner is declared, that person gets a prize for coming up with the best games for a hens night idea. But the most fun is yet to come when everyone gets to actually play the game. If you had a few great ideas for games for a hens night, you can have a second and third place finisher. Each one gets a slightly smaller prize but everyone will get to enjoy playing the games throughout the night. This is a great way to recruit everyone in the planning process of the party as well as get great ideas. Having games for a hens night will make the night be even more fun.

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