• When looking for ideas for hen night games, you may wonder which ones are most popular.  There are several games available for hen night and it can be quite a chore coming up with three or four to play.  It is a good idea to have a good mix of games and events available and even some alternates in case of emergency.  Using the top ten ideas for hen night games, though, will help make your decision a lot easier in the long run.

    1. Banned Words – This is one of those ideas for hen night games that will last throughout the evening.  Start off with a list of words that can not be uttered during the duration of the party.  Common words are best so more people can be caught using them.  Whenever someone utters a banned word, they have to take a drink, pay a fine or do a dare.
    2. Dress Design – This is a conservative but fun game suitable for all types of parties.  Have two or more teams choose a “bride” then use rolls of toilet paper to design a wedding dress for the model.
    3. I Never – This is one of those ideas for hen night games that is great for a night on the town.  One person starts by saying, “I never…” and then comes up with something she has never done.  If anyone in the group has actually done it, they have to drink.
    4. Marital Bliss Secrets – Everyone writes a sentence or two giving advice on keeping the marriage fun and fresh.
    5. Pin the Male on the Model – Pin the Tail on the Donkey with a twist!  Use a poster of a naked man and pin the appropriate appendage in the appropriate place.
    6. Quiz the bride – This is one of those ideas for hen night games that have been around for awhile.  Ask the bride questions about the groom to see how well she knows him.
    7. Treasure Hunt – Hide items around the house and give the guests clues on finding them.  The person or team to get all of them first, wins.
    8. Truth or Dare – No hen night is complete without this old standard.  Even children play it but for ideas for hen night games, spice it up a little bit and get as wild as you dare.
    9. Ugliest picture – Have you seen some pictures of the groom that make you laugh?  Even the best looking person probably has some pictures they’d rather not have out in public.  Have everyone find an unattractive picture and decide on the worst.  The bride then has to spend the evening showing people her intended.
    10. Write a Poem – This is a great contest that can be adapted to be either heartfelt or funny.  It can be as serious or as bawdy as you would prefer.  This is one of those ideas for hen night games that can be played individually or as a group effort when split into teams.
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