• There are some tried and true party games that occur at a hens nights.  Adding into that many of them cost nothing, it’s a great idea to incorporate some of the traditional free hens night party games into your event.  You will find the ladies of all ages will have a great time playing these games and bonding with one another on this special day.  The bride will love being with her close friends and family so she can have some fun before she gets married.  It will be a day she will never forget and will always have fond memories of.

    One of the traditional free hens night party games is a game called banned words.  This is a game that starts off at the beginning of the evening and lasts for the duration of the party.  What is really fun about these types of free hens night party games is that they continue and are not stopped during times when there’s socializing, eating or drinking.  People tend to forget these types of free hens night party games are even going on which makes it that much easier to lose and get fined.

    The premise of these types of free hens night party games is to come up with a list of words or phrases that can not be said through out the night.  The more common the word, the more likely it is to be said.  Being that the bride is about to get married, usually words such as “wedding dress”, “church”, “wedding” and “groom” are used as banned words.  Through the night as people are talking about the upcoming nuptials, there is bound to be someone who will say one of those words or phrases.  If they do, though, and are caught they have to pay a fine.  The fine does not have to be much, but as the night progresses and more people say them, it can certainly add up.  These free hens night party games are a great way to gather some money to donate to the bride.

    Banned words are one of the free hens night party games that can be played by just about anyone.  However, if you are out on the town with the wedding party only and you are looking for a bit more of an adventurous or risqué time, there are free hens night party games that are a bit bawdier.  Try Truth or Dare or Challenge as free hens night party games and have a lot of fun with them.  These are traditional games that can be funny or embarrassing depending on the question asked or the challenge that is requested.

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    Free hens night party games are a great way to have a nice time while still saving a lot of money.  You don’t have to spend any money on party games if you only use a little imagination and creativity.  Instead of spending money on pre packaged games, use free hens night party games to ensure your guests have a good time while you maintain your budget.

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