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    Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding. Part of the entire wedding experience though is the hen night which is supposed to be her last day of freedom before the big day. Some people plan a night, traditionally the night before the wedding, to have the party. Others take an entire weekend for the hen party and go somewhere on a mini vacation. Regardless of when it’s done or how long the duration, there is one part of a hen night that is always consistent. Figuring out which hens party games to play during the time is an important part of the experience and a big responsibility for the hostess who is usually the maid or matron of honor.

    When choosing hens party games, there are a few factors to consider. First, decide on how many people will be in attendance. There are certain hens party games that are better suited for smaller groups than others. Next, decide on the venue. If you are going away for the weekend, you will likely have access to a hotel or resort where everyone can gather. If you are doing it for one night, decide on whether it will be at someone’s house or if you are going to go out to a bar or club to celebrate. Finally, consider the guest list. Is the party going to consist of the bride’s best girlfriends who are in the wedding party or will it be expanded to include other friends and family? These questions should be discussed with the bride and decisions made. However, once you have all the information, you can begin planning the hens party games.

    Some of the hens party games are more suited to smaller groups of people. Some of the games that include individual participation can drag on too long if you have to go to each person in order to complete the game. The people who are waiting around for their turn may get bored and you definitely do not want anyone bored at a hen party. So, if you have a very large group, team activities, races and contests are the best choices. Everyone will get to participate and there will be no waiting around.

    If you are staying in or have access to a private area, most games can be played. However, if you are going to a club or bar, there are certain games that are better suited to those types of venues. Drinking games are always a lot of fun when visiting your local club as are dare games. Anything that makes you use the imagination and have a bit of bawdy fun is great for going out. Be careful when choosing hens party games, though, of who will be in attendance. You don’t want to make the older crowd or those who are a bit more shy uncomfortable by playing some of the more lewd or bawdy games. You want everyone to have fun and participate, so with a little careful planning and some consideration of all the factors, you will come up with some hens party games.

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