• There are a lot of fun hen night games and dares that can be done throughout the evening to make the bride’s last night of freedom a memorable and enjoyable one. Remember that this is the last night a bride has before she goes off to get married and it should be a fun time had for all. This is a time to get daring and use your imagination. Having a little creativity in deciding some great dares is the perfect way for the evening to progress nicely. Whether you are having the party at a private home or out at a bar, there are many hen night games and dares that can be thought of.

    One of the hen night games and dares that can be played is a game called rate the man. Not only is this a great game that can be played but it also takes a bit of daring. The adventurous in the party will be sure to have a great time with this game. This is an especially fun game to play if you are going out to a club or bar. Every woman should have a set of cards numbered from one to ten. As a man passes or walks in the door, each woman holds up their rating. If you are really adventurous, you can try to organize an impromptu contest at the bar with the help of some willing men. What man wouldn’t want to be the center of attention of a group of ladies? How about a little sexy dance contest to rate the men?

    Truth or Dare and Challenge are some of the more traditional hen night games and dares that are played at parties. Both games are similar in that one person starts and challenges another. In Truth or Dare, the person being challenged has the option of answering a question or doing a dare. In Challenge, there are only dares, no questions. This game is a great one whether you are at home or in a public place. As long as you use your imagination, you can get some really fun results. If you are out on the town and having a few drinks, this can be especially fun as people start to lose their inhibitions and get braver. Don’t forget to take pictures! Even though some might not want the “evidence” around, it is still a great memento of the evening.

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    All the hen night games and dares that are available are fun ways to get everyone involved and having a great time. The more creative you are with your questions and dares, the more fun you will have. Don’t worry about embarrassing the other person too much. It is all in good fun and as long as you have a positive, adventurous attitude toward it, all will have a great time. This is the bride’s last night of freedom so make sure you make it a night to be remembered by one and all by thinking of great hen night games and dares.

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