• It is customary for the maid or matron of honor to throw the bride a party celebrating her last night of freedom. This night is called a hen night. She gets together with her friends and has a fun time with no men allowed. The hostess will plan the party and consider the bride’s tastes when doing so. Sometimes the party is held at a home and sometimes it is a night out on the town, going to a favorite bar or club. There are various activities throughout the night, including games. It is up to the hostess to come up with several games including the bride’s favorite hens night game.

    Hen Night Accessories

    The hostess along with the bride will decide on the theme for the party and compile the guest list. Depending on who will be attending, the party can be an elegant evening with fine foods and drinks and a few games. Or, it can be a really wild time and a chance for all involved, especially the bride, to let her hair down and have some adventurous fun. There is usually some food and alcohol involved as well as the tradition of playing several games during the evening. It is important to have three or four games to pass the time but there should also be plenty of free time so that everyone has a chance to socialize and have some one on one time with the bride.

    A favorite hens night game that is often played at the beginning of the night and follows through to the end is a game called Banned Words. This is a hens night game where the hostess chooses some words that can not be said for the duration of the evening. It is typical that these words are common ones that would be spoken during the evening, generally something that has to do with the upcoming wedding. Words like “wedding”, “marriage”, “bride” and “groom” are typical choices in the banned words. Everyone is made aware that they can not say the words on the list or they have to pay the consequences for doing so when they get caught.

    One of the consequences can be taking a drink or doing a shot. Another favorite for this hens night game is to pay a fine. It does not have to be much but at the end of the night even some small change can add up to quite a bit. If you choose a fine, the money will typically be given to the bride so she has some spending money to use on her honeymoon. Another fun consequence used in this hens night game is to come up with a dare or challenge for the person who said the word. Coming up with fun dares can be a great way to have some funny moments where everyone can have a bit of a laugh. When picking the favorite hens night game, keep in mind you want to make this a fun and memorable evening for all involved.

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