• There are several top hen night games to play the hostess may want to consider if she is planning hen night for the bride. Usually, the hostess is the maid or matron of honor for the bride and knows the bride well. She should cater to the bride’s tastes in planning the party but should also take into consideration the friends and family who may also be in attendance. If the hostess is having trouble deciding on some of the top hen night games to play, she should do some research and get an idea of all the games that are out there and available.

    Some great ideas for hen night games to play include some time honored classics such as Balloon Pass, Banned Words, Challenge, Dress Design, Fit the condom, I Never, Make a Man, Marital Bliss Secrets, Pin the Male on the Model, Plant the Kiss on the Star, Quiz the bride, Rate the Man, Treasure Hunt, Truth or Dare, Ugliest picture, Who owns the bag and Write a Poem. All of these top hen night games to play are easy to plan and organize and none of them take a lot of money to prepare. This is a great way to not only have a variety of games from which to choose but also to have a variety of games that are cost effective. This can be especially helpful for those who have to plan a hen night on a budget.

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    The hostess should research the games and determine whether or not each one would be enjoyable to the bride and the guests and if they are appropriate for the venue and theme of the party. Truth or Dare, for example, is a great game to play for a girls’ night out on the town with a lot of drinking and revelry. However, it may not be as appropriate for an afternoon tea with all the relatives in attendance as well. But, something like Marital Bliss Secrets is an ideal game for the more sedate afternoon tea party.

    So, take into consideration all factors when doing your research about the hen night games to play. It is advisable for the hostess to choose three or four games to play for the event. You can start the evening off with some socializing and meet and greet as people filter in. Once everyone is in attendance and has gotten a drink and is comfortable, then you can start with the first game. The first game should be something to break the ice and allow everyone a bit of fun. As the evening progresses, you can have some more challenging games and get a bit more adventurous.

    Choosing a few games will allow you to have some organized activities. However, you do not want to go from one game to another continuously. This is not the bridal Olympics but a party and there should be plenty of free time to socialize in between games. With a little planning and research into hen night games to play, the event will surely be a hit for all who attended.

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