• Having a lot of fun hen night games to play is a great way to start planning your party. Below are some of the favorite games played at hen nights. A good rule of thumb is to have three or four structured games to play during the evening allowing some time in between for free time to socialize, eat and drink. Also, make sure you have some small trinkets on hand to pass out for prizes to the winners of the games. Below is a list of several games that are traditionally played:

    Hen Night Accessories

    • Balloon Pass – One of the hen party game ideas ideal for all types of people at the party. Break up into two or more teams. Use long balloons, fill them and fit them between the legs of the first person in line passing it to the end of the line without using hands.
    • Banned Words – This is one of those hen party game ideas that last all night. Start off with a list of words that can not be uttered during the duration of the party. Every time someone utters a banned word, they have to take a drink, pay a fine or do a dare.
    • Dress Design – Have two or more teams choose a “bride” then use rolls of toilet paper to design a wedding dress for the model.
    • Make a Man – This is one of those hen party game ideas that can be done in teams or singly. You have to sculpt, out of clay, an assigned male body part without peeking at the other teams. The bride then gets each body part and puts it together to form a whole man.
    • Marital Bliss Secrets -Have everyone write a sentence or two giving advice on keeping the marriage successful. It can be sincere, funny or even bawdy.
    • Pin the Male on the Model – Everyone’s heard of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. You get blindfolded, spun around and pointed in the general direction of a picture of the donkey. You then try to pin the detached tail in the right place without peeking. The person closest to the mark wins. This works the same way except substitute a picture of a naked man for a donkey. Guess what’s used for the tail?
    • Scavenger Hunt – This is one of the classic hen party game ideas everyone is sure to love. Hide various items throughout the house and give each guest a card with clues. Each person has to find as many items as possible. The one with the most items wins a prize. Items can be fairly sedate or as naughty as you dare! An alternative to this game is to have tasks for people to accomplish while out on the town.
    • Truth or Dare – This classic party game is perfect for hens nights. Someone chooses to participate in a truth or a dare. They either have to answer a question or complete the dare. This can be a lot of fun and embarrassing sometimes.

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