• Although men are not allowed at a hen night, the evening quite often is filled with references to men. From playing games to flirting with people at a bar, men are a central theme in hens nights. The hostess can really come up with some great games if she uses her imagination and a little creativity. One of the best ways to get the evening rolling is to have the bride answer a quiz. For hen night games mr and mrs quizzes are highly popular choices. The hostess will have to spend a little time and effort in compiling the quiz but it will be well worth it.

    When choosing hen night games mr and mrs quizzes can take a little effort. Sometimes the maid or matron of honor gets together with the best man to do coordinating quizzes. One quiz is given to the bride during her hen night and the other to the groom during stag night. This can be fun for both to compare notes to see how well the other did. The maid or matron of honor should come up with a list of questions to ask the groom. The more obscure the questions are, the more liable the bride will be not to know the answer. This can lead to some really funny moments when she realizes how much she does not know about the groom.

    The maid or matron of honor will then ask all the questions of the groom and write down his answers. At the party when it is time for hen night games mr and mrs quizzes will be the first one done. The hostess will ask questions or the guests will take turns asking questions. The bride’s answers will be recorded and she will be told whether or not she got the answer right. If she did not get the answer right, she will be told the correct one. Sometimes this can be really funny and lead to some fun stories. The bride will also be able to take home a memento of the evening with her questions and answers. She can choose to share this with her fiancée and see what answers he put down for her questions.

    During hen night games mr and mrs quizzes are very popular and they can be useful to spark some interesting conversations between the bride and groom. Imagine them on their honeymoon having a laugh at their prospective last nights of freedom and comparing notes on the quizzes. They can share a laugh and spark a conversation about the obscure questions found in the quizzes. They might even come up with some of their own.

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    While a hen night does not allow men in attendance, men, especially the groom, can take a prominent part in the evening. Sharing a quiz that is designed to see how well the bride knows her intended is a great way to have some fun and share some laughs. The bride will have a great time as will the guests and everyone will leave with fond memories of the evening.

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