• There are many hen party games to play but because of this, it may be difficult to choose the best ones. One of the things that should always be considered when choosing hen party games to play is the personality of the guests who will attend. If you have a lot of conservative guests you may want to avoid playing some of the racier games so as not to offend them or put them on the spot. However, if you have a group of women who are ready to cut loose and have some fun there are plenty of games that will accommodate their tastes also.

    Some of the racier hen party games to play are:

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    • Challenge – This is one of those hen party games to play that is similar to Truth or Dare except there’s no truth involved, just dares. One person challenges another to do something. The other person has to do the challenge or submit to a predetermined penalty.
    • Fit the condom – How fast can you unwrap and put a condom properly onto a zucchini? Not so difficult? You can not use your hands!
    • I Never – This is one of those hen party games to play that involves alcohol. One person starts by saying, “I never…” and then comes up with something she has never done. If anyone in the group has actually done it, they have to drink. Continue this for as long as you want, taking turns.
    • Make a Man – This is one of those hen party games to play that can be done individually or in teams. Each has to sculpt an assigned body part without peeking at the other teams. The bride then gets each body part and puts it together to form a whole man. Take a picture of the finished product.
    • Pin the Male on the Model – Pin the Tail on the Donkey except there’s no donkey and no tail. Guess what is used instead? This is one of the hilarious hen party games to play.
    • Plant the Kiss on the Star -This is similar to Pin the Male on the Model but the goal is to try to kiss the man on the lips. Have each lady apply fresh lipstick so everyone can see where it lands. This is one of those hen party games to play that can be combined with Pin the Male on the Model for an even funnier time.
    • Rate the Man – This is an ideal game for going out on the town. Each lady has cards from 1-10. When a guy walks by or comes in the door, he’s rated by the party. Try to come up with an impromptu contest like a dance or striptease contest and recruit volunteers from the bar.
    • Truth or Dare – This classic party game is perfect for hens nights. Someone chooses to participate in a truth or a dare. They either have to answer a question or complete the dare. This can be a lot of fun and embarrassing sometimes.

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