• Party games for hens night is a long time tradition when it comes to the night before the bride will get married.  The bride and guests will be sure to start the evening right with a few ice breakers.  Once the party gets going, though, the fun should not stop there.  Everyone should socialize and have a great time but also having some fun activities throughout the evening is a great way to have some good old fashioned fun.  If you are tired of all the same games, try some more party games for hens night you may not have known about.

    One of the party games for hens night you may not have heard of is a fun opening game designed to get to know some of the people in attendance.  It is called “What’s in the Bag?”  This game is played by handing out numbered ballots with the amount of numbers equaling the number of guests.  The guests put their name at the top and write in answers as they come up.  The hostess has each guest secretly hand her three items from their handbag.  The hostess, typically the maid or matron of honor, then shows all the guests the three items from the handbag.

    The guests then write down the name of the person they think it belongs to.  The hostess already knows the answers.  This continues until all the guests’ handbag items are shown and everyone has a chance to make a guess at who it belongs to.  For larger parties where not everyone may know one another, have everyone wear nametags so it is easier to place a name on the ballot.  Everyone then swaps ballots and grades the others.  The hostess goes through the items again in the same order and tells everyone who it belongs to.

    She also returns the items as she is doing so.  Depending on the types of items chosen and shown, some of the results can be pretty surprising and can lead to some funny stories.  The guest who got the highest score guessing what contents belongs to what guest wins a prize.  The hostess should have on hand some trinkets and various little things to give away as prizes for winners of the party games for hens night.  The guests will have a great time with this little game and it is also a chance to get to know some people.

    With party games for hens night, the goal is to ensure everyone has a great time and leaves with a smile on their face.  There should be three or four party games for hens night chosen to play throughout the night but “What’s in the Bag?” is a great beginning of the evening game to play.  Not only will it break the ice and get everyone laughing but it is a great opportunity to share some stories about why you carry particular items.  It helps get to know people and is especially fun for larger parties where not everyone may know one another.

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