• A hen night is a traditional party held for the bride to be before the wedding.  If you are the hostess of a hen night and have a more upscale theme, or have some family members in attendance where you want to keep it a bit sedate, you may want to look for some fun games that can be played while still keeping it a bit more formal.  There are several classy hen night games that can be played for everyone to have a great time but also to keep the mood elegant and beautiful.

    One of the most classy hen night games to play is one that involves giving advice to the bride.  Whether you are already married or not, everyone has heard bits of wisdom on how to keep a marriage working throughout the years.  Marriage is work and a little advice from friends and family can never hurt.  The hostess can hand out pens and index cards to each guest.  They will then write their advice on how to keep the marriage fresh throughout the years.  This is one of the classy hen night games that have multiple uses.

    The hostess can gather all the cards and paste them into a nice keepsake album to be given to the bride.  The bride can then reference these words when she wants to remember the classy hen night games or if she wants to hear what her friends and family had to say.  This is a great way to share experiences and talk about the ups and downs of a marriage during the hen night.

    Another of the classy hen night games that can be played is to write a poem for the bride commemorating her marriage.  The hostess should split the party up into teams.  How many teams are determined by how many people are in attendance.  The more teams, the more poems will be generated.  These classy hen night games can be a great way for the party goers to bond and work together.  The bride will also have some heartfelt or funny poems to remember her lovely evening.

    One of the fun classy hen night games to play involves some team work to race to the finish line.  The bride gets involved here by hiding around the house several items pertaining to weddings.  These can be anything from lace and veils to goblets and flowers.  The hostess has cards made up giving clues as to the identity of these items.  In these classy hen night games, not only do the guests have to figure out what the item is but then they have to find it in the house.  The first team to get all clues right and find all items wins a prize.

    Classy hen night games are a great way for the party to bond and enjoy one another throughout the night.  Everyone will be comfortable and have a great time.  The bride will have a memorable evening filled with lasting mementos she can treasure for years to come.

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