• When considering what games to play on hen night, there are several things that should be taken into consideration. How many guests will there be? Are you having this in your home or are you going out? Is this going to be a one night party or span the weekend? Who are you going to invite? Will there be a theme? There is a lot to think about and the task may seem like a rather daunting one. However with some planning and organization, you can get your hen party complete in no time and ensure everyone will have fun with the games to play on hen night.

    There are a lot of games to play on hen night from which to choose. If you are having an entire weekend event, you can come up with several of the various games that can be played throughout the weekend at different times. If it is a single night, though, it is advisable to have three or four games to play on hen night to fill the evening but also be sure to leave some room for free time so everyone gets to socialize at their own pace and perhaps get some one on one time with the bride.

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    The number of guests will also play a part in determining which games to play on hen night. If it is going to be an exceptionally large party, individual games may not be the best choice. Anything that requires taking turns for each person may take a little too long to accomplish and there will be a lot of people waiting around for their turn. Instead, try team games that will go a little faster and get everyone involved. Nobody will be left out and nobody will be bored.

    Depending on the venue, this may also affect what games to play on hen night. For an in house party most of the games can be played as long as it only involves the people immediately in the home. Any game that relies on strangers coming and going or dares where others may be involved are not as fun at home than in a public space. Likewise, there are games to play on hen night that are not suited for public because of space generally or sometimes because they are too risqué for the public. Races and relays are difficult to accomplish in a bar simply because there is not enough room to accomplish them. If you are playing a rather lewd game, you may run the risk of offending someone at the bar so tread carefully.

    There are a lot of considerations that go into deciding on what games to play on hen night. With a little fore thought and planning, though, you can come up with the most appropriate games to suit the evening. It may seem like a rather daunting task but as you start to think about it, some games will just seem to fit while others will not. You will be sure to have a successful party with a little planning.

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