• When looking for hens night games, you might want to consider some of the games that are funny. Nothing gets a party started like a lot of laughter. It makes everyone feel good and at ease and will set the tone for the rest of the evening. So why not go ahead and find some funny hens night games, especially as the first one. It will set the mood and get the party kicked off right. Everyone will be sure to enjoy the party and will talk about it long after all the guests go home.

    Make a Man is one of the funny hens night games that can be a lot of fun. It takes some creativity and team work but the results are sure to be hilarious. This is a game that is also very easy on the budget. All you need is some modeling clay. You can even make it yourself if you want to save even more money. Take some quart size zip lock bags and fill it with clay. Make as many of them as there will be teams or individuals participating. On the outside of the bag write a male body part. For example, head, left arm, right arm, etc. You can get as anatomically correct as you dare.

    Put all the bags into a larger box and have one person from each team reach in and pick one of the bags. They then have to sculpt the body part or parts as instructed on the bag. However, they are not allowed to look at any of the other teams. When time is up, the bride gathers all the different parts and puts them together to make a man. This is one of the hens night games that can be downright hilarious. Because nobody was allowed to watch the other teams, there was no discussion of proportion. Some may have used all the clay, some only a fraction of it. The man might have one short arm and one large arm. Make sure to take a picture of the completed project so you can see what you came up with and share it with others.

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    This is one of the hens night games that is a great mid party game or beginning game. People will be laughing and talking and after the game is a great time for some free time for everyone to get a few drinks and socialize at their own pace without a lot of structure. You can go on from there and play more games or events. However, one of the best parts of the evening will undoubtedly be the funny hens night games that were played with Make a Man being the center of it all.

    Your party will not be one to be forgotten any time soon. You can have a great party and ensure everyone goes away with a smile. The bonus is all of this can be done with very little expense so it not only is a great game but also budget friendly.

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