• The hen party is an event held for the bride usually the night before the wedding.  It is touted as her last night of freedom therefore no men are allowed and the women plan an event that is a lot of fun a probably a little wild.  Usually, the party is held by the maid or matron of honor who makes all the plans and invites all the guests.  She can choose to have a private even in her home where everyone gathers to play games and have a few drinks.  Or, she can also choose to have it in a bar, tavern or club where everyone goes to have a few drinks and play some games more suited to being out on the town.  Regardless of where the party is going to be choosing some hen party drinking games is usually a good idea to get everyone in a party mood.

    I Never is one of those hen party drinking games that has been around for awhile and is tried and true for getting people to cut loose their inhibitions.  When playing this game there can be some funny stories and even possibly a few secrets revealed during the course of the game.  Everyone will have the opportunity to get to know one another.  Just remember, what happens at a hen party stays at a hen party so be sure to play this game with your trusted friends.
    Playing these hen party drinking games are easy and the rules are pretty simple.  The first person starts out and it continues to the next person around the table until everyone has a turn to say “I never”.  The game can go on as long as you wish it to go on and as long as everyone is having a great time.  The first person says, “I never” and then they finish the sentence by saying something they never did.  If everyone around them also has never done it, nothing happens.  But if you actually have done it, you have to take a drink.  For example, “I never kissed another female”.  Everyone else who has never kissed a girl does nothing but if you have, you drink.  This can reveal some things and lead to some funny stories.

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    Another of the great hen party drinking games is Truth or Dare.  The person starting off asks, “Truth or Dare” to which the other person has to choose which one to be subjected to.  They will then have to answer a question of the asker’s choosing or do a dare of the asker’s choosing.  These can be funny, a bit lewd or embarrassing.  People who are choosing the questions and dares should get as creative as they wish.  The more outrageous the question or dare, the more fun the game.  The other person does have the option to refuse, though but if they do they have to pay a penalty.  This is generally a predetermined penalty that is designed to be embarrassing or make the person drink more so they no longer have any qualms about doing it next time around.

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