• Hen parties usually have several characteristics, no matter who the guests happen to be. They are usually incredibly loud. They usually brighten up the evening for the many men that happen to get in their way. They also tend to be the best nights out that women go on! This fact owes much to the very nature of the hen night and the fun and games each one so often involves. Hen night games come in many forms, so which ones are available for you to take advantage of?

    Drinking Games

    Incredibly popular amongst hen and stag dos alike, hen night games that incorporate or result in drinking are often welcomed with open arms by the hen parties themselves. In fact, they are usually used initially to get everyone in the mood for a party and form some sort of bond that links the group together. Drinking games can thus either occur before the whole group heads out on the town or at the first couple of bars. Although you should never drink too much too soon and always make sure that you consume alcohol responsibly, drinking games can be a lot of fun, especially if you incorporate a few challenges and dares in there.

    Challenges And Dares

    Hen night games are never the same without challenges and dares! In fact, these games are often the sources of the best laughs of the night. There are many dares that hens can undertake and they do not have to be of the extreme and embarrassing variety that are all too often seen on TV and in films. As long as you feel comfortable with them they will work. Not only can challenges get the party started, but they can also set the tone for the evening in terms of how much everyone gets involved. Make sure they do get involved by encouraging everyone to participate.

    Hen Night Accessories


    Technically not a game but karaoke is still an integral part of any hen night. It is a well known fact that drunken people love singing on the karaoke and drunken hen night parties seem to make a beeline for them if a certain pub or club happens to be holding one. Karaoke is a fun way to get everyone involved in the hen night and can be a great forum for challenges after drinking games. As such, it links all three hen night games together nicely. Nobody will even care if you cannot sing so why not have a go at the very least? You are guaranteed fun!

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