• Are you looking to throw a hen night on a budget?  Well, look no further because there are plenty of money saving tips that can be had to make the evening enjoyable and memorable but still inexpensive.  Free hen night party games are a great way to start off.  This is a great way to get the attendees involved and talking to one another.  What a great ice breaker for a party to have some interactive games available to play.  Using free hen night party games will ensure all guests enjoy themselves.  Only you need to know that you pulled it all off on a tight budget.

    Using free hen night party games is a must when you have a party and are on a budget.  Fortunately, there are plenty from which to choose.  All you need is some imagination and willing participants to use free hen night party games.  You won’t need to buy a lot of supplies or custom packages.  Instead, you can use the money you save on buying party games and use it for food, drinks, decorations and prizes.

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    Truth or dare and challenge are two free hen night party games that are great fun to play and easy to learn.  Truth or Dare is where one person asks someone else if they prefer to choose a truth or a dare.  If they opt for truth, the original person asks a question that the other has to answer honestly.  If they opt to do a dare, then they have to complete whatever task the original asker poses to them.  When this is done, the person who was doing the truth or dare gets to choose the next person to participate.  This is one of those free hen night party games that never gets old and can get as risqué as you dare.

    Challenge is very similar to Truth or Dare except the whole truth part is eliminated.  Everything is a dare or challenge.  The rules for this are the same as in Truth or Dare.  In either of these free hen night party games, if the other person chooses not to participate then there’s a consequence.  These can be almost as fun as the original questions and challenges.  Sometimes it involves drinking and other times it involves a fine that can be collected and given to the bride at the end of the night.  Other times the person merely has to buy the next round of drinks.

    Regardless of which free hen night party games are chosen, the guests are sure to have a great time and remember the evening for years to come.  The bride will be especially pleased with how well the night went off.  You will be especially pleased at how little was spent.  Always remember that if you use a little imagination and effort, you can save a lot of money and still have a great time.  Using free hen night party games is an ideal way to accomplish this without having to spend any extra money.

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