• Whether the guests or the bride are answering questions, hen party games questions are a popular choice in game for the event. If you are throwing the hen party, though, you have a lot on your mind and you might come up with a block when it comes to finding hen party games questions. There is help, though, so don’t get too worried if you can not come up with some creative ideas. As you hear some questions you will probably get inspired and come up with several others on your own. Until then, there are several places you can go for ideas.

    In finding hen party games questions, one of the best places to look is on the Internet. You can look at romance questions or interesting questions. They do not necessarily have to pertain directly to the bride, groom or wedding in general. However, if you can come up with some good general wedding questions this would be a great game to play for a wedding trivia game. Compile a list of questions and then decide on their use. You can always whittle down the questions into something more manageable when you need to.

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    There are some great hen party games questions and many variations on the theme. One of the traditional games to play with questions is the bridal quiz. This is where the hostess of the party, typically the maid or matron of honor, gathers some questions and interviews the groom. She gets all the correct answers to the questions. Then she quizzes the bride to see how many of the answers she can get right. This can be pretty enlightening as to how well she knows her future husband. However, it is really fun to come up with questions that are obscure.

    Another game to play is one where the guests are tasked with answering questions pertaining to the bride and groom. The bride and groom are interviewed with a series of questions and then the guests are asked the questions. They have to write down the answers or guess at them if they don’t know. Some funny responses can be had when the guests try to make up answers to questions. The answers should be read allowed in turn after the questions are complete. Whoever gets the most questions right gets a prize. A second prize can be awarded for the one who has the funniest, albeit incorrect, answers.

    Finally a series of questions intended to get to know people can be compiled. They can be written or typed out on pieces of paper and put in a hat. Each person takes turns drawing a particular question and then has to answer it. There is no real winner to this game but it can be a fun ice breaker and get to know you game for the whole party. At the end of the evening, the hen party games questions will surely be a hit. Everyone will thoroughly enjoy themselves and will also get the opportunity to get to know one another a bit more.

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