• What is a hen party? A hen party is that event that celebrates a woman’s last day of freedom before she gets married. Traditionally, it is held on the evening before the wedding and includes friends and family who are close to the bride to be. The party is usually hosted by the maid or matron of honor and various activities are planned to entertain the guests and the bride. There are variations of the hen party and it can include a classy, elegant evening playing games and socializing or it can be a wild time going out drinking and letting loose. However, regardless of the type of hen party that is being planned, games are usually played. If tasked with throwing a hen party you may need ideas for hen party games.

    There are various ways to get ideas for hen party games. You can ask people who have attended one or thrown one for their opinion about what the most fun games are. You can also look through bridal magazines where there are bound to be articles and ideas for hen party games. The Internet has a wide variety of places to choose to get ideas and outlines many of the most popular games that are played at hen parties today. Before choosing which games to play, though, there are some things you may want to take into consideration.

    First, if you are having the party in a home there are ideas for hen party games that are much better suited to an in home venue. Some of the games that involve races or relays are usually better for in home than out in public. Space requirements are better and you can be a lot louder at home than in a public space. Likewise, if you are having the party in a local bar or night club, there are certain games that include other people where it would not be feasible to do in a private residence.

    Also, the number of people who will attend is also a consideration. Some ideas for hen party games are great for smaller parties and those include the games that take some time or require individuals to take turns. If there are a lot of people, you may be faced with many sitting around getting bored or losing focus while awaiting their turn. For larger groups, the ideas for hen party games should include team building events and contests where people are working together.

    Personalities of the people in the group are probably the single most important factor to take into account. You may have a group of best friends who want to go out on the town, drink and party hard. For them, some of the saucier ideas for hen party games will be ideal. However, if the crowd is a bit more conservative, you may want to stay away from the more racy games and stick with some of the more traditional games instead. A little planning will help you come up with great ideas for hen party games.

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