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    There are several games that are typically played at a hen party during the last night of freedom for the bride.  But a good mr and mrs hen party game often includes a quiz that can be asked of the bride.  This is a classic ice breaker to get the party started and to focus the attention on the bride for awhile.  It does take a bit of planning and effort on the part of the hostess but with a little time it can be pulled off and you will have a wonderful opening game for the evening.  The fun atmosphere will set the tone for the entire evening.

    When thinking about a mr and mrs hen party game, the bride and groom quiz quickly springs to mind.  This is a quiz that is given to the bride about the groom and the groom about the bride.  Often it is done at both the hen party and stag party.  The maid or matron of honor and the best man often get together to come up with a list of questions.  The list should have at least ten questions but twenty or even more is better and more entertaining.  It is then the hostess’ job to contact the groom to get answers to the questions.  The more obscure the questions are, the more fun finding the answers will be.

    During the party, it will be announced that it is time to play the mr and mrs hen party game.  The bride should sit in a prominent place at the venue and others gathered around her to watch and enjoy the quiz while the bride is put on the spot.  The hostess will start by asking questions of the bride about her groom.  The bride will answer as best as she can and see if she got the right answer.  It is also helpful if someone is around to write down the bride’s answers as well.  This way the groom can be shown the bride’s answers and he can see just how well she knows him.  It is often surprising how much is not known but that can lead to some interesting conversations.

    The bride can even have a keepsake of this mr and mrs hen party game when someone compiles all the bride and groom answers to the quiz.  When some time and effort are put into planning this event, some great times can follow.  The entire party will share a few laughs at some of the questions and everyone, including even the bride, will get to know the groom a little bit better.  When this mr and mrs hen party game is played it is sure to get the party started.  The tone of the evening will be set and everyone will be ready for some additional fun times and partying.  Have on have a few different party games for everyone to participate in and you will find the hen night will be a success with everyone having fond memories of the evening.

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