• If you are the hostess for a hen night, chances are you will need some party games for your guests to play.  While there are many to choose from, there are some games for a hen night that seem to be a lot more popular and fun.  The top games for a hen night are a great start in deciding which games you want to play.  They are surefire winners when it comes to the popularity with the ladies.  Learn how to play the top games for a hen night so you and your guests can remember this night forever.

    Hen Night Accessories

    •    Rate the man – Games for a hen night might include some of the more risqué events.  One of them is a lot of fun and perfect for a night out on the town.  All the women are given rating cards and as men walk by or come in, the women hold up the cards to rate them.  For the more adventurous, you can ask bar patrons to put on a little show and rate those.  Some willing men might love to be the center of attention for games for a hen night.
    •    Challenge – This is one of the games for a hen night that can be really funny or embarrassing depending on the challenge.  It is also one of the games for a hen night that is perfect to incorporate into a drinking game.  One person starts and challenges another.  The person being challenged can either accept and do it or decline.  If she declines, it is still the turn of the challenger and the challenged has to take a drink.  When a challenge is successful, it is then their turn.
    •    Treasure hunt – When you play treasure hunt games for a hen night, there can be a lot of interesting outcomes.  You can do this individually or break up into teams.  You will have a prepared list of various items or tasks that need to be accomplished.  The first person or team to accomplish all of the tasks or get all the items wins a prize.
    •    You don’t say – Another of the great games for a hen night is you don’t say.  This means that there are words or phrases that you don’t say throughout the night.  You come up with the words or phrases before the start of the night and let everyone know what they are.  The more common and likely the phrase is to be uttered, the more fun this will be.  If someone is caught saying the unspeakable, they have to take a shot.
    Games for a hen night are an important part of the tradition.  If you are going out for the evening and need some entertainment that is suitable for being out but will also be a lot of fun, try some of the top games for a hen night.  They will keep the guests entertained and will help get everyone in a partying mood.  The bride to be will enjoy the evening and have fond memories of her last night of freedom.

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