• How does a hen do party games? She plans carefully, chooses the best ones and then puts all her effort into playing them. A hen night is a special evening where the bride and all her close female friends go out on the town for one last night of freedom before getting married. Traditionally this is a fun evening filled with drinking, getting wild and playing some fun hen party games. There are no men allowed at this party but often the games are built around the guys. The hens talk about the men, rate the men, make models of the men and learn more about the men.

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    So when asked how does a hen do party games, the answer is she finds some fun games and loses her inhibitions so she can have a raucous time with her best girlfriends. One of the all time favorite games to play is Pin the Male on the Model. This is a great ice breaker game and it is a tad bit naughty. But for a last night of freedom, why not let your hair down a bit? The way you play the game is this. You get a poster of a naked male model, sans the part that makes him distinctly male. You have a cut out of the missing part for each woman playing the game. The first person gets blindfolded and spun around a few times so she is a bit disoriented. Then she tries to attach the missing part back on the poster.

    The person who gets closest to putting it in the right spot without peeking gets a prize. There is a similar game that can be played using the same poster and can also be played in conjunction with Pin the Male on the Model. This game is Kiss the Model. All the women in the group put on some fresh lipstick and try to kiss the model on the lips. Everyone should still be blindfolded and spun around a few times. This is one of those games that can be played alone or together. If used together, a good idea is to spin the woman around, send her off to the poster, make her try to kiss the model first, and then attach the appendage. It can be really hilarious where kisses and body parts end up.

    So if you are asking, “How does a hen do party games?” you can have the answer simply by attending one of these fun events. If you are in a bridal party or know someone getting married soon, chances are you will attend a hen night soon. They can be a lot of fun and a great time to get to know everyone better. Having some fun games at the event only makes it that much more fun and enjoyable. Everyone is sure to enjoy the hen night and leave with a smile on their face. The bride will enjoy an evening she will never forget with her closest friends and family.

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