• Free hen night games are a must nowadays with the high expense of weddings.  A hen night should be fun and memorable for everyone who is in attendance but if you are also spending money on gifts, decorations, wedding attire and other expenses, budget will certainly be a concern.  There are a lot of free hen night games that can be played so that everyone has an enjoyable experience but that will also save you some money.  You can use the budgeted money on food, drinks, party favors and decorations and still have plenty activities with the use of free hen night games.

    When considering free hen night games, the best way to go about choosing them is to choose the games that only take a little imagination and guest participation.  Anything that requires a lot of supplies or purchasing special items in order to properly play will not be as cost effective.  Fortunately, there are plenty of free hen night games from which to choose so you should have plenty of opportunity to entertain guests and throw a really fun party.  Everyone will enjoy themselves and you can pull it off even with the tightest of budgets.

    Truth or dare, challenge and banned words are all free hen night games that are easy to play and a lot of fun.  All of them can be modified to be as sedate or as bawdy a game as you feel comfortable with.  So, if you have a more upscale party, these free hen night games can act as ice breakers while keeping the rules fairly clean.  However, if you have a group of women who want to be a little more adventurous, these free hen night games can get as risqué as you dare.

    Truth or dare is one of the old stand-by free hen night games that is played at almost every hen night.  Most people are familiar with the rules and will have a fun time using their imagination to come up with great dares and interesting truth questions.  A person asks someone if they prefer truth or dare.  If the answer is “truth”, they have to honestly reply to whatever question is asked.  If the answer is “dare”, they have to perform a task of the first person’s choosing.

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    Challenge is one of the free hen night games that are similar to truth or dare but the truth part is completely taken out of the equation.  All challenges are dares and the person being challenged has to do it or suffer a consequence.  This can be anything from taking a drink or paying a small fine.
    Banned words are one of the free hen night games that can be played continuously all night.  At the beginning of the evening certain words are banned.  If anyone utters them throughout the night then they have a consequence similar to challenge.  If there are small fines involved, these can be collected throughout the night and given to the bride to be.

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