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    In the UK, hen party games are popular for the last night of freedom events for the bride.  Many of the same type of party are held all over the world but they have different names.  In the UK, though, there are certain customs that are generally adhered to when planning a hen party and one of them is the games.
    Some of the favorite hen party games uk results you will like get are the following:

    • Balloon Pass – Break up into two or more teams.  Use long balloons, fill them and fit them between the legs of the first person in line.  Each person passes it to the next in line until the end.
    • Banned Words – Start off with a list of words that can not be uttered during the duration of the party.  Common words are best so more people can be caught using them.  This game continues throughout the party and every time someone utters a banned word, they have to take a drink, pay a fine or do a dare.  Be creative with your “punishments”!
    • Challenge – This is similar to the classic Truth or Dare game except there’s no truth involved, just dares.  One person challenges another to do something.  The other person has to do the challenge or submit to a predetermined punishment.
    • Dress Design – Have two or more teams choose a “bride” then use rolls of toilet paper to design a wedding dress for the model.  Don’t forget to take pictures!
    • Fit the condom – This can be done using a zucchini, banana or cucumber.  The first person to successfully unwrap and fit the condom properly on the item wins a prize.  Sound easy?  The trick is, you can’t use your hands!
    • I Never – This is a classic drinking game that is great for a night on the town.  One person starts by saying, “I never…” and then comes up with something she has never done.  If anyone in the group has actually done it, they have to drink.  The game continues to the next person in line.
    • Make a Man – Get your creative juices flowing.  Break up into several teams, pairs or you can even do this individually.  The hostess has a list of body parts written on index cards.  The body parts, when combined, make up a whole man.  Each team has to sculpt, out of clay, their assigned body part without peeking at the other teams.  The bride then gets each body part and puts it together to form a whole man.  This can be hilarious when nobody coordinates the sizes!
    • Marital Bliss Secrets – This is one that can not only be fun but can actually be very valuable.  Have everyone write a sentence or two giving advice on keeping the marriage fun and fresh.  It can be funny or heartfelt.  The hostess collects the advise and arranges it into a keepsake album for the bride.

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