• A hen party is a party that is designed for the bride to celebrate her last day of freedom before she gets married. It is typically an event held either by a close friend or family member or by the maid of honor. The idea behind the party is to allow everyone to celebrate with the bride and for the bride to be able to let her hair down a bit and enjoy herself with some rowdy fun. Usually the hen night is held in someone’s home for a private party or in a bar or night club. However, some people have taken a hen night to a new level and reserve an entire weekend for the festivities. For them, hen weekend party games are a must.

    When people plan an entire weekend for hen celebrations they are usually going somewhere on a mini vacation. They pack a bag and drive or fly to a resort or fun town for some sight seeing and fun. There are a lot of activities that can occur during the weekend but there should still be some time for hen weekend party games. These are games that can be played during the day or the evening for some structured fun when you’re not out seeing the sights or enjoying the local fare.

    If you are taking a road trip, one of the favorite hen weekend party games is the alphabet game. This can be played in the car or on a plane while you are travelling to your destination. It is good time filler. The traditional game is where you take turns with a letter and you find something on the road that starts with that letter. For example, “A” is for asphalt and “B” is for bird. However, if you want to put a bit of a naughty twist on the game, instead of what you see during your travels, cite things you’ve done in bed with your significant other.

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    Once you get to your weekend of fun, you will want to relax and unpack and get ready for the festivities. If you are ready to start drinking, “I Never” is a great game to get everyone laughing, talking and sharing stories. This is one of those hen weekend party games that can be played multiple times for as long as you want. One person says “I never went on a road trip” or something else they never did. Anyone who has also never done it does nothing, those who have, drink.

    A hen weekend is a great time and a way to relax and have fun for a bit before coming back to the stress of the wedding planning. It is a great treat for all the friends to reminisce about the single days and to talk about the times to come now that the friend is getting married. It is also a great time for everyone to let loose and be a little wild on this last weekend of freedom by playing some hen weekend party games.

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