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  • Hen night challenges and dares seem to be an absolute must these days. They are almost as commonplace on a hen night as several bottles of wine! However, most people actually buy card sets of hen night challenges when there is absolutely no need to. Companies make a killing on selling expensive card sets when you can in fact buy them for a really reasonable price and still enjoy yourselves! If you are a little creative you could even make up the challenges and dares yourself.

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    If you are considering the latter option then you may need a good place to start. Without looking at a hen night challenges and dares set, you may have a little trouble getting started but the ideas for dares as outlined below will get you started. There are low and high risk hen night challenges and dares there so you can choose the ones that best suit you for inspiration:

    Low Risk

    • Sing an embarrassing song of your friends’ choice on karaoke
    • Kiss one of your girlfriends, with tongues or without. The point is that you know and trust them, hence the low risk!
    • Walk out of the toilet with your skirt tucked in your pants and keep it that way for at least one circuit of the club.
    • Ask a guy for his phone number and then give him the rejection hotline. If you do like him then feel free to give him your own number. The point is that you have to ask.
    • Ask a guy that you do not know to buy you a drink in a bar or club. Please note that this is only low risk if you see your drink poured yourself for obvious reasons. Do not risk personal harm by letting your guard drop.

    High Risk

    • Approach a guy in a club and ask for a kiss. Make sure that he’s single first because you do not want to start a fight.
    • Walk up to a married couple and begin to ask them about their sex life, as if you want their advice. Do not be afraid to get really embarrassing.
    • Dance up to an ugly guy and start to grind up against him for a minute before walking off.
    • Call the mother of the bride or groom and act hysterical, screaming that the wedding is cancelled because he or she has gotten cold feet. This is a high risk dare because it could all go horribly wrong so make sure that the bride AND groom know about this and are fine about it.

    So there are some ideas for hen night challenges and dares for you! All you have to do is draw a little inspiration from them and the world of hen night dares is your oyster.

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  • Every bride is entitled to a fabulous hen night no matter what – fact! We face economically uncertain times and very few people have any cash to spare but that is not to say that you cannot enjoy your hen night just as much as you would have done before the credit crunch hit. In fact, you should make sure that your last night of freedom is the best night out with the girls ever! You can enhance the fun without paying a penny if you take advantage of free hen night challenges.

    Hen Night Accessories

    Why Free Hen Challenges?

    Free hen night challenges are much the same as the hen night challenges that can be found on the cards that you pay for… only you do not have to pay for them! The cards are indeed handy when it comes to going from pub to club to bar on your hen night but you will only use them for one night so if you do not mind putting in a little effort then why not make the cards yourself or just write them down on a piece of paper and number them, asking each hen and the bride to select a number when it is their turn.

    Finding Or Creating Challenges

    You have two choices when it comes to choosing your free hen night challenges to save a little cash. You can find some of the dares and challenges that are floating around on various Internet sites or even invent some fantastic dares that any member of your party could perform if you are feeling particularly creative. It is not a hard task if you want to make them up yourself but it does require a little spare time. As such, if all the organising is left to you then you might want to ask someone else to contribute or do this task for you.

    No matter where you find the dares from or who makes them up, you have to remember a few things before putting your challenges out there. There are only a few golden rules but you absolutely must stick to them:

    • Do not break the law no matter what. No challenge is worth a night in the cells or even a criminal record.
    • Respect other people. It is OK to make a fool of yourself voluntarily but not of someone outside of your party who may be offended.
    • Keep it light-hearted. No challenges should be taken too seriously.

    So there you have it – the perfect formula for hen night challenges. With all of the above and absolutely no personal cost to you, you can relax and enjoy the free hen night challenges complete with the hilarity they so often bring!

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  • Hen Night Accessories

    When summer comes, it is difficult to walk along a busy part of town without seeing a hen party heading towards you. After all, every single bride deserves one last hurrah, so to speak! However, the last thing any bride would want is to have a really boring and uninspiring last night out before the wedding day so it is important to spice it up as much as possible. Hen night challenges are becoming increasingly popular for that very reason.

    What Are Hen Night Challenges?

    Hen night challenges are effectively dares that are set for the bride and hens by individuals within the group. Everyone usually takes part in such challenges because they add a little something different to the party. Whether that is a sense of harmless fun or naughtiness, the appeal lies in the fact that these challenges only seem to happen on hen nights!

    You can find plenty of hen night challenges on the Internet or, if you prefer, can purchase hen challenge sets that include a variety of challenges and dares on cards so you can pick them out of the deck at random. If you choose that way of doing it then they can be used as part of drinking games as well because they are pretty versatile.

    What To Expect From Challenges

    Some brides and hens dread hen night challenges because they never know what to expect from them. Given the portrayal of challenges on TV and in movies, you could be forgiven for this as some of the scenes featuring them are absolutely horrendous. However, in real life they are rarely that bad! The level of naughtiness largely depends on the nature of the hen that has been trusted with choosing the challenges but the vast majority are good natured and just designed to create a little fun.

    Before any hen night challenges are undertaken, make sure that everyone feels comfortable with doing them. You can include some low risk dares that stay within the group, like downing a shot, or alternatively go for higher risk like going up to guys in a club. No matter which ones you use, hens should never be forced to do something that they do not feel comfortable with so make sure that you choose a range of challenges so everyone can be accommodated. That way, everyone will have a lot of fun and make the bride’s last night out with the girls before her wedding incredibly memorable for all the right reasons!

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