• One of the most fun parts of a wedding is the party before.  A hens night is the perfect end to bachelorette days and a great time to bond with friends and family while cutting up a bit.  During a traditional hens night there is usually some drinking going on, maybe some dancing, good food, good friends and most importantly some party games.  It is great to have fun with games for hens night.  There are many ideas you can use to come up with the perfect mix of fun and ice breakers to keep the party rolling.

    One of the favorite games for hens night is a game called Banned Words.  This is a game that is generally started at the beginning of the evening.  The rules are explained and the consequences established.  Once everyone understands then the game commences and continues through the end of the evening.  The rules of the game are pretty simple.  The hostess of the party thinks of some common words or phrased she thinks may be used a lot during the night.  She then bans them from use.  Words such as “wedding”, “marriage” and “husband” are great choices in words to be banned but they can be just about anything.  If someone gets caught using one of those words throughout the night, they have to pay the consequences.

    Consequences can be anything from having to take a drink to paying a fine or doing a dare.  Use your imagination to come up with something fun that will be enjoyable for all.  Another of the great games for hens night is a bit of a bawdier game that is perfect for in home parties.  Make a Man is a cooperative game that can be done using teams or individuals if it is a small party.  Each person or team is given a lump of clay and a designated male body part.  Without looking at each other or talking they have to mold the man out of clay.

    Each body part is then given to the bride for assembly into a complete man.  This can be really funny as nobody discussed sizes.  So the end result can be a pretty hilarious sculpture.  Make sure to take a picture for posterity!  This is one of those games for hens night that is enjoyable for all and can be really funny.  It also promotes teamwork if everyone is working in groups.

    Choosing fun games for hens night is a perfect way to ensure the bride and all the guests have a good time during the event.  When choosing the games for hens night, make sure to consider where you will be having it and who will be showing up for the party.  Cater to the guests and the bride by ensuring you have a few varieties of games, contests, races and quizzes to participate in.  By the end of the evening, everyone will be laughing and light hearted.  The bride will have a great memory of her last night of freedom.

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