• Hen Night Accessories

    A hen night is a traditional type of party that is thrown for the bride to be.  Generally, the evening is held the night before the wedding.  It is often thrown by the maid or matron of honor and she organizes plans and executes the event.  Part of that is coming up with a theme, a guest list and a venue for the event.

    There are no men allowed at this party so all the bride’s best girlfriends will come and get a little wild for her last night of freedom.  Often a party is held at either the hostess’ home or out at a bar.  But no hen night would be complete without some hen night drinking games!  There is no better way to cut up and lose inhibitions than to play a few drinking games.

    One favorite drinking game is a classic that has been around for some time.  This is one of the hen night drinking games that is a favorite for all.  It is designed to allow everyone to get to know a little bit about everyone and possibly to learn a few deep dark secrets.  It’s a great way to bond and have a little fun in the process.  The way you play it is pretty easy so once the rules are explained you can get right to drinking.  The game is called I Never.

    In this game, either the bride or the hostess starts out.  They begin by saying, “I never” and then they finish the sentence by saying something they never did.  If everyone around them also has never done it, nothing happens.  But if you actually have done it, you have to take a drink.  For example, the hostess starts first and says, “I never had a one night stand”.

    Everyone else who has never had a one night stand does nothing but if you have had one, you drink.  This can get everyone laughing and lead to some funny stories when the rest of the party wants to hear the details.  The game generally goes in rounds where the bride or hostess start it off and then it continues around the table in a clockwise manner.

    Another of the great hen night drinking games is another classic, Truth or Dare.  The person starting off, again either the hostess or bride, chooses heir first victim.  They ask, “Truth or Dare” to which the poor victim has to choose which one to be subjected to.  They will then have to answer a question of the asker’s choosing or do a dare of the asker’s choosing.  These can be funny, a bit lewd or embarrassing.  The more imagination is used, the more fun the game.  If the victim feels way too uncomfortable to follow through with it, though, she has to suffer the consequences which generally mean she has to take a particularly strong or particularly vile shot.  That can be almost as fun as having her do the original task successfully.  Plus in these hen night drinking games, the more alcohol that is consumed, the more wild it tends to get.

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