• There are so many enjoyable activities that occur at a hens night.  The bride to be will have a great time bonding with her friends and family and partaking in all the events of the evening.  One of the best times during a hen night is the games that can be played.  They are used to break the ice or to have some light hearted fun during the evening.  Several games for hen night can be played in an evening and it is advisable to have plenty of options available for time fillers and as scheduled events for the duration of the evening.

    When choosing games for hen night, make sure you have plenty available to use throughout the night.  You do not want to fill the entire time with games.  Of course, you want to leave room fro socializing and drinking and eating.  But schedule a few games throughout the course of the night.  It is generally advisable to start off with rather sedate games for hen night as an ice breaker.  This can be a light hearted game that is easy to play and even the most shy of guests will have no problem participating in.  It will get the party started and get everyone talking.

    After playing one of the games for hen night, take some time to just have a little free fun.  Let everyone get a drink, have a dance and simply talk.  This is the bride’s night and everyone will want to have some time to talk and laugh and reminisce with her.  So, in between games for hens night is the ideal time for this.  After awhile, though, it may be time to break out more games for hen night.  This is a great time to do some relay or team building games.

    Having races, relays or contests is a great way to get people out of their chairs and moving.  It also can be very funny depending on which games for hen night you choose.  The bride can have a lot of fun as can the guests.  Make sure when you have races that there are either prizes for the winners available or punishments for the losers or both.  Incorporating fun prizes and punishments into the games for hen night is a wonderful way to reward the participants.  Depending on the types of prizes and punishments, this can also be a time for some embarrassing or funny moments the bride will not soon forget.

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    The more drinking that occurs, the more people are willing to participate in the bawdier games.  Truth or dare, drinking games and sexy games are all perfect games for hen night as everyone is more comfortable and having a great time.  This is also a great time to take rewards and punishments to a new level.  The important part of games for hen night, though, is ensuring the guests have a great time as well as making sure the bride to be has a memorable evening.  This is, after all, her last night of freedom.  Make sure she enjoys it.

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