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  • Do you have a hen party to plan? One of the best ways to start planning is to come up with ideas for games to play at a hen party. There are numerous games that can be played depending on the type of party you are having and the personality of the people who will be in attendance. Make sure you have a good idea as to who will be coming when you decide on the types of games. You may want to start out with some simple ice breaking games at first then do some more elaborate games later.

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    Getting to know you games to play at a hen party are ideal ice breakers. Some of these include quizzes for the guests and bride to be, guessing what is in each lady’s handbag or having everyone fill out advice for the bride. Ice breaking games to play at a hen party will get everyone laughing and comfortable with one another so you can move on to more exciting games as the night progresses.

    Contests are ideal games to play at a hen party because it gets everyone moving and laughing. Some of the favorite games to play at a hen party include relay races, designing a wedding dress made out of toilet paper, egg races and sketching the bride. The trick is to get everyone into teams and race to the finish line. This can be a great way to have some fun and a few laughs while the bride to be gets some great photos of the event.

    As people are getting more comfortable with one another or if your hen night consists of a lot of close friends who have open minds, you can play some more adult games. There are a lot of games to play at a hen party that are ideal for this type of fun. Truth or dare is probably the most common one and can be used to get everyone talking and cutting up. A sexy treasure hunt can also be fun with everyone donating their treasures to the bride afterward. How about a banana eating contest? But the trick is you can not use your hands at all to peel or eat it. Putting it between the legs of a sexy guy who volunteers makes it even more fun.

    There are also plenty of drinking games to play at a hen party that will really get the party rolling. You can also use shots as “punishments” for losing a game or have the losers all buy the next round to the winners of the game. As everyone at the party drinks, the games to play at a hen party tend to get a little bawdier as time passes. This can be really embarrassing especially if you are playing these games at a local pub where people can see you. The important part of having games to play at a hen party is to have a lot of fun and make it a night to remember.

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    Choosing the best hen night party games ideas may seem like a difficult task, especially if you have never hosted such an event before. There is a lot of planning to take into consideration and the hen night party games ideas is one of the most important aspects. It is a good suggestion to make a list of all the different hen night party games ideas that you come up with and from there narrow it down to three or four definite games plus one or two alternate ones. This way you are prepared for any contingency.

    There is nothing worse than coming up with hen night party games ideas and not having everyone like them. While you may not be able to please everyone all the time, you can still make a good showing to the majority of the attendees. The best way to do that is to pick some wild as you dare games so that the game can be sedate for the shier ones in the group but can get a little bawdier for the ones who have few inhibitions. There are also games that can be fun for all that are pretty tame to begin with but everyone seems to like them.

    One of the hen night party games ideas that seem to be a hit for all involved is the game of Banned Words. This is where there is a list of words compiled that can not be uttered during the duration of the evening. The trick is to come up with some pretty common words so it is more likely that everyone will be tempted to say it at least once during the night. Most common of these words are the ones that involve the wedding. Any word that is wedding oriented is a potential candidate for banning. The game starts in the beginning of the evening and lasts for the duration of the party. If anyone is caught saying one of the banned words, they have to pay a pre determined penalty. This is a game most everyone seems to enjoy.

    Truth or Dare is a classic game that is played at hen parties and is ideal for a mixed crowd. While you may think of it as one of the wilder hen night party games ideas, remember that this is a game commonly played by school children at slumber parties. Yes, it has the potential to be really lewd and embarrassing. But it can also be funny and fairly tame. It all depends on who is asking the question or setting the dare. For those who are a bit more adventurous, you can be as wild as you dare. However, for those who are more conservative, they can make something funny.

    Having a list of hen night party games ideas that will be suitable for everyone involved is a great idea for a hen night. Everyone will be sure to enjoy the camaraderie and will have a memorable evening filled with fun and laughter.

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  • Hen Night Accessories

    It can be a difficult process to choose the right hen night game ideas for a party.  However, with a little research and planning choosing the games can get a lot easier.  The first thing you need to do is to gather a list of all the available hen night game ideas.  This will give you a good starting point from which to choose.  You then need to determine the type of party you are going to have, how many people are going to attend and what are the personalities of those who will be in attendance.  Once all that information is gathered, you can have some fun choosing the types of games to play.

    Keep in mind that not all hen night game ideas will be ideal for all personality types.  There are some games that, though fun, may be a bit more adventurous than some people will be comfortable with.  There are others that may be a little too sedate for the group.  Therefore, it is good to be familiar with the people coming to be able to better gauge the types of games to play.  If you are having a hen night where all your best girl friends are going out to a bar to have some wild times, then some of the bawdier games would be highly appropriate.  However, if you are having an afternoon tea with several relatives, you may want to choose hen night game ideas that are a little milder.

    If you are having a party where there may be people in attendance who might not be comfortable with some wilder hen night game ideas, there are still plenty of games from which to choose.  Some of the games that may be a great to play are races and contests such as Dress Design.  In this game, people break up into teams.  They then choose one model in each of the teams.  The others design a wedding dress and adorn the model with their designs.  The twist in this though is that the wedding dress is designed completely out of toilet paper.  This can be a funny time that everyone can enjoy.

    If you are having a night out on the town and everyone is game to be a little more adventurous, there are plenty of drinking and dare games from which to choose.  These hen night game ideas are perfect for those who are not shy and are willing to take a few risks.  A game such as I Never is a great drinking game to find some hidden secrets and have a few laughs.  In this game the first person says “I never” and then fills in the blank with something she never did.  If anyone in the group actually has done it, though, they have to drink.  Some pretty wild secrets can come out while playing this game.  If you take into consideration the available hen night game ideas as well as the personalities of the people who will come to the party, you will have a great time and all the guests will leave with fond memories of the event.

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