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    What is a hens night? A hens night is the traditional night before the wedding where the bride and her closest friends and family gather to celebrate her last night of freedom. The hostess of the party is usually the maid or matron of honor and she generally plans and takes care of organizing the event. She will decide on where the event will take place, who will be invited, if there will be a theme and what activities there will be. Most times the venue, whether in a private home or bar, is decorated in commemoration of the occasion. There is also usually some food, perhaps some snacks of finger foods. There is usually a lot of alcohol and drink choices. Of course the evening would not be complete without party games for hens.

    Part of the tradition of a hen night is to have party games for hens. These are designed to bring the group together and have a few laughs. Some party games for hens are rather sedate and are more suited to a tea party or a party where the group as a whole may not feel as comfortable with some of the wilder choices. Other party games for hens are meant to be played by the adventurous and uninhibited. Depending on who will be attending the party, choose which games are best suited for the personalities of the group as a whole. You may not want to play Truth or Dare at the party where the bride’s future mother in law is in attendance. But if the group is made of the wedding party, who are all best girlfriends, you should get as wild as you dare.

    Some of the more sedate party games for hens include the balloon pass which is a relay race game. This is fun for all types of people. You break up into teams and each team gets a balloon. They start at one end and pass it to the other end. However, you can not pass it by using your hands. This will bring out some competitive spirit in the group and also it is a great game for team building. Even the shiest of guests will be sure to have a good time with this game so it is suited for just about everyone.

    If wilder party games for hens is more your style, though, there are plenty of those from which to choose also. The classic Truth or Dare is an all time favorite and sure to raise a few eyebrows. Using some creativity and imagination, you will be sure to make a few people blush and get a few embarrassed onlookers while you are executing a dare. This can lead to some really funny moments and some stories that will be relayed for years to come. Coming up with party games for hens is actually the easy part. Coming up with the perfect blend for the mix of people in the group is a bit more difficult. However, with some attention and planning it can be pulled off easily.

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