• Men are traditionally not allowed at hen nights and rightfully so. But men are usually discussed, especially the groom. One of the best games to play is hen party games mr and mrs quizzes. This is a great way to see how well the bride actually knows her intended. However, the trick is to come up with some really obscure questions in order to stump the bride. This can be a lot of fun especially if she gets them all wrong. Make sure when you are playing this game to write down all her answers so the groom can be showed later on.

    Getting everything ready for hen party games mr and mrs quizzes can take some time and effort. The hostess of the party should come up with questions for the bride pertaining to the groom. She should even enlist the help of the best man, groom’s relatives and even the groom himself. The more obscure the question, the more likely the bride won’t know the answer nd that’s where the fun comes in. If you are having a hard time coming up with suitable hen party games mr and mrs quiz questions, there are a few examples that you can use:

    1. What’s his favorite color
    2. What’s his favorite flavor of ice cream?
    3. What’s his shoe size
    4. How old was he when he got his driver’s license?
    5. Where was he born?
    6. What’s his favorite song?
    7. What is his favorite book?
    8. What is his favorite movie?
    9. What was his least favorite subject in school?
    10. Who was his childhood best friend?
    11. Does he have a nickname?
    12. What’s his favorite sport?
    13. What is his favorite outfit?
    14. What was his first job?
    15. What’s his favorite snack?

    The hen party games mr and mrs quiz questions can be used but do not limit yourself to them entirely. Make sure you use your imagination and come up with several on your own. This is the best way to come up with unique ideas for the party. The groom, his friends and family are going to be the best source of questions also. It will be especially funny if the groom wants to know if his bride remembers something he told her a long time ago. Make sure to get all the appropriate answers from the groom and compare notes.

    Hen Night Accessories

    A slight variation on the hen party games mr and mrs quizzes is to make a list of questions both the bride and groom answered but instead of the bride answering, the guests have to answer as best they can. Some of the answers can be hilarious when the guests make up answers when they have no idea what the correct one may be. This is a great way to make a nice keepsake for the bride also. Gather all the guests’ answers and put them in a notebook for the bride to keep.

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