• Are you planning a hen night for your best friend? There are guests lists to make up, food to be planned and decorations to be hung. However, one of the most fun parts of planning a hen night is deciding on what games to play at the event. There are many hens party games ideas available from which to choose. If you are planning on a hen night that has a more traditional theme, though, you may want to choose from the tried and true hens party games ideas that people have been playing for years at these events. Most people who are guests at the hen night will already be familiar with them. Even if they’ve never heard of the games, they are easy to explain.

    One of the traditional hens party games ideas is the scavenger hunt. This is something that has been played for generations and you can choose to do a more traditional hunt or you can spice it up a bit and get a little bawdier with the types of items to be found. First, the hostess should hide various items throughout the house. Use your imagination as to what types of items should be used. Then, write down clues as to what each item is as well as where it might be found in the form of a riddle.

    Break the party goers into teams and have them figure out the clues and try to find the items. As each item is gathered, they mark it off the list. The first team to come up with all the items on the list wins a prize. Prizes for these hens party games ideas can be little trinkets or simply awards where you print the team members’ names in the space provided. It is just a small gesture to reward the winning team for such hard work.

    Another of the traditional hens party games ideas is the game of Truth or Dare. This game is often played by school children so most everyone should be familiar with the concept of the game. You pick a truth or dare and then have to answer or comply with the challenge. When the person finishes, the person who had to answer the question or comply with the dare gets to pick the next victim. The only difference between the game played now and the game you played when you were young is that you should spice it up just a tad for a hen night.

    Hen Night Accessories

    Some of the traditional hens party games ideas are perfect for having a great time. Just because they have been around a long time does not mean they are no longer fun. On the contrary, they have been around for so long because they have always been fun. This is the perfect time to bring out some of the old stand bys when choosing hens party games ideas. Everyone at the party will be familiar with the concepts and will have a great time playing each of the party games you choose.

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