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    So it is the bride’s last night of freedom before she ties the knot. As the maid of honor, it is your duty to ensure she has a really wild time on her last night by throwing her a hen night. You want to make sure everyone in her bridal party is included in the hen night. You might also want to include some other close friends who have a similar personality and who gets along well with everyone. You want to get a little wild and let your hair down. Make sure to keep the party rolling you have plenty of hens night games to play. This will ensure everyone is kept occupied and entertained.

    Since it is just going to be you and the girls for this hen party, you should be able to get as wild as you dare. Remember that what happens at a hen party stays at a hen party, though. So, no loose lips afterward. When deciding on the hens night games to play for this event, you should consider some of the racier, saucier games that are available. There’s no sense trying to be too polite about it. You are out to have a good time, so get as bawdy as you wish. Look to play some drinking games and some daring games. You want everyone to know it’s a hen party and you will have a great time.

    Truth or Dare is one of the hens night games to play but why play that when you can simply play Challenge and forget the truth questions? This can be really hilarious when you are out on the town with your girlfriends and challenging each other to some outrageous dares. It is especially fin when you start to get some of the other patrons involved with your challenges. Not only will you be having a good time but you will be providing free entertainment to all the other people in the bar or night club. Make sure to tip your bartender well, though, because he or she will be bound to be working extraordinarily hard for you on this particular night.

    I Never is also one of the great hens night games to play. This is a drinking game that can reveal a lot about the people in the group. You start off with someone saying “I never” and then they continue the sentence filling it in with something they have never done. For example, “I never flashed a bartender.” Anyone at the table who actually has flashed a bartender should take a drink. If you have not ever flashed a bartender, then you do nothing and wait for your turn. However, now that you are at a bar, it might be something you’d like to try.

    The hens night games to play should be a lot of fun for all involved. When it is just the girls going out on the town, pull out all the stops and have a wild time. There is no reason why you can’t play all the bawdy games you can come up with during this last night of freedom for the bride.

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  • Hen Night Accessories

    When looking for hens night games, you might want to consider some of the games that are funny. Nothing gets a party started like a lot of laughter. It makes everyone feel good and at ease and will set the tone for the rest of the evening. So why not go ahead and find some funny hens night games, especially as the first one. It will set the mood and get the party kicked off right. Everyone will be sure to enjoy the party and will talk about it long after all the guests go home.

    Make a Man is one of the funny hens night games that can be a lot of fun. It takes some creativity and team work but the results are sure to be hilarious. This is a game that is also very easy on the budget. All you need is some modeling clay. You can even make it yourself if you want to save even more money. Take some quart size zip lock bags and fill it with clay. Make as many of them as there will be teams or individuals participating. On the outside of the bag write a male body part. For example, head, left arm, right arm, etc. You can get as anatomically correct as you dare.

    Put all the bags into a larger box and have one person from each team reach in and pick one of the bags. They then have to sculpt the body part or parts as instructed on the bag. However, they are not allowed to look at any of the other teams. When time is up, the bride gathers all the different parts and puts them together to make a man. This is one of the hens night games that can be downright hilarious. Because nobody was allowed to watch the other teams, there was no discussion of proportion. Some may have used all the clay, some only a fraction of it. The man might have one short arm and one large arm. Make sure to take a picture of the completed project so you can see what you came up with and share it with others.

    This is one of the hens night games that is a great mid party game or beginning game. People will be laughing and talking and after the game is a great time for some free time for everyone to get a few drinks and socialize at their own pace without a lot of structure. You can go on from there and play more games or events. However, one of the best parts of the evening will undoubtedly be the funny hens night games that were played with Make a Man being the center of it all.

    Your party will not be one to be forgotten any time soon. You can have a great party and ensure everyone goes away with a smile. The bonus is all of this can be done with very little expense so it not only is a great game but also budget friendly.

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  • Hen Night Accessories

    If you are planning on hosting a hen night, you are probably looking for ideas in order to have fun with hens night party games. There are many game ideas out there and finding great games should be no problem. One of the ways you can find ideas is to look through bridal magazines or bridal books. Since a hen night is a tradition, many articles are written on the topic and you will be sure to get plenty of ideas. Friends and family are also another great source of information when it comes to choosing hens night party games. Many have either been to one or hosted one. The Internet is also a great tool for searching for ideas.

    When deciding on hens night party games, one of the things you should take into consideration is how many people will be attending the party. While you might think the more the merrier, this is not necessarily so when it comes to certain games. There are games that are more conducive to larger groups than smaller groups. For example, any game that requires individual participation is usually better suited for smaller gatherings. This is because you do not want a lot of people waiting around for their turn and possibly getting bored. For larger groups, relay races and team events are ideal solutions.

    Another consideration for hens night party games is the venue for the party. It is perfectly acceptable to have the party in a private residence or go out on the town with the girls. However, be careful about which hens night party games to choose for each location. Keep in mind if you go out you will have to deal with other people and you do not want to be disruptive. Any game that includes running around or being exceptionally loud will not be ideal for going out. However, there are games that are better when played in front of strangers or even with their cooperation. So those types of hens night party games are better for going out.

    Finally, the last thing you should consider when choosing hens night party games is the personality of the people who are in the group. The larger the group, the more difficult it will be to accommodate all tastes and it may be better to err on the slightly conservative side. However, if you know that everyone in your party is adventurous and wild, there are several hens night party games that are perfect for their tastes. You can get a little bawdier with the games and really let loose.

    When deciding on hens night party games, make sure you take into consideration all the aspects of the party that you need to. Check with friends, family, the web and bridal columns for additional ideas on which games are best to play. Make sure you know exactly how to play each game and know if it will be suitable for your particular party. With a little careful planning, you will be sure to have all your guests singing your praises as to how great a party you had.

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  • Are you looking for some hens party game ideas? Look no further as the top ten hens party game ideas are compiled in a convenient list for you. No more worrying about what games to play and events from which to choose. You don’t even have to be all that creative, just choose three or four of the top ten hens party game ideas and enjoy the evening along with all your guests. There are many popular games and all you will need to determine is whether or not they will be suitable for your particular mix of people and the venue where you plan on having it. Keep in mind that some games are more suited to the more adventurous types while others are more conservative. Also, some games require a lot of space which may not be conducive to a public outing.

    Some of the top ten hens party game ideas are:

    1. Balloon Pass – This is one of the hens party game ideas that is good to play in home and with teams so it is perfect for a large party. Break up into two or more teams. Use long balloons, fill them and fit them between the legs of the first person in line. Each person passes it to the next in line until the end.
    2. Banned Words – Make a list of the words that can not be uttered throughout the evening. Anyone who does accidentally say it has to pay a penalty.
    3. Dress Design – There’s nothing like making your own wedding dress. This one has to be made out of toilet paper, though.
    4. Make a Man – Each team has some clay and an assigned body part. When all parts are complete, the bride puts them together to make a man.
    5. Marital Bliss Secrets – This is one of the hens party game ideas that is great for everyone. Write down some words of wisdom and the hostess will collect them in a book for the bride.
    6. Pin the Male on the Model – This is one of the hens party game ideas that is a crowd pleaser. Instead of Pin the Tail on the Donkey, use a male poster and guess what the tail substitute is.
    7. Quiz the bride – Ask the bride obscure questions to see how well she actually knows her intended.
    8. Treasure Hunt – This is one of those hens party game ideas that can be as sedate or as wild as you wish. Hide various items around the house and give each guest clues as to where they are.
    9. Truth or Dare – everyone’s played this game since childhood. But at a hen party it needs to be spiced up just a bit. Use your imagination and have a great time.
    10. Write a Poem – Split the group into teams and have them come up with an ode to the bride. This can be a heart warming poem or it can be a funny one, whichever you desire. Gather all of them and collect them for the bride’s keepsake.

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  • One of the most fun parts of planning a hen party is making sure you have some great games to play throughout the evening. If you have games, though, you have to have some winners and losers. In addition to any party favors you may have for all of the guests, make sure you have some trinkets and mementos available for prize ideas. A hens party game is not complete without awarding a prize to the individual winner or to the team members

    When deciding on the hens party game events, consider whether or not the winner of the game will be an individual or a group. Estimate how many hens party game prizes will be needed to award everyone for their outstanding achievement. It is best to get a few extra prizes just in case there are extra team members or you decide on playing more games than originally intended and thus need more prizes. It is better to have too many than too few and you can always save some for the next party you throw even if it is not a hen party.

    When looking for hens party game prizes, you do not need to spend a lot of money. This is great news for those who are on a tight budget and don’t have a lot of money to spend on decorations and food much less prizes. However, with a little planning and ingenuity you can come up with several hens party game prize ideas that will be lovely as well as budget friendly. Look in discount stores, for sales and in dollar stores for some little trinkets such as candy, gift boxes, candles, potpourri, picture frames and knick knacks.

    If you are artistic in any way, you can make several prizes. You can even come up with awards simply by using your computer and printer. If you have the templates available on your computer already for a particular contest, all you need to do is fill in the name of the person who won or the names of those on the team and print it out on good quality paper stock. This hens party game prize idea is one that is a great keepsake memento but is also very inexpensive to make and uses little effort.

    You can also come up with hand made ornaments or decorated trinkets. If you can paint or use a paint pen and have good handwriting, you can take any cheap glass vase, picture frame or box and turn it into a customized hens party game prize. Add in the date as well as the bride and groom’s name and you have a lovely memento and prize for the evening.

    It is tempting when thinking about hens party game ideas to concentrate so much on the actual games that you completely forget about the prizes for the winners. If you are out on the town and are playing some racier games or drinking games, some of the best prizes can be a free drink or get out of a dare free card.

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  • Are you planning a hen night for your best friend? There are guests lists to make up, food to be planned and decorations to be hung. However, one of the most fun parts of planning a hen night is deciding on what games to play at the event. There are many hens party games ideas available from which to choose. If you are planning on a hen night that has a more traditional theme, though, you may want to choose from the tried and true hens party games ideas that people have been playing for years at these events. Most people who are guests at the hen night will already be familiar with them. Even if they’ve never heard of the games, they are easy to explain.

    One of the traditional hens party games ideas is the scavenger hunt. This is something that has been played for generations and you can choose to do a more traditional hunt or you can spice it up a bit and get a little bawdier with the types of items to be found. First, the hostess should hide various items throughout the house. Use your imagination as to what types of items should be used. Then, write down clues as to what each item is as well as where it might be found in the form of a riddle.

    Break the party goers into teams and have them figure out the clues and try to find the items. As each item is gathered, they mark it off the list. The first team to come up with all the items on the list wins a prize. Prizes for these hens party games ideas can be little trinkets or simply awards where you print the team members’ names in the space provided. It is just a small gesture to reward the winning team for such hard work.

    Another of the traditional hens party games ideas is the game of Truth or Dare. This game is often played by school children so most everyone should be familiar with the concept of the game. You pick a truth or dare and then have to answer or comply with the challenge. When the person finishes, the person who had to answer the question or comply with the dare gets to pick the next victim. The only difference between the game played now and the game you played when you were young is that you should spice it up just a tad for a hen night.

    Some of the traditional hens party games ideas are perfect for having a great time. Just because they have been around a long time does not mean they are no longer fun. On the contrary, they have been around for so long because they have always been fun. This is the perfect time to bring out some of the old stand bys when choosing hens party games ideas. Everyone at the party will be familiar with the concepts and will have a great time playing each of the party games you choose.

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  • Every bride dreams of having the perfect wedding. Part of the entire wedding experience though is the hen night which is supposed to be her last day of freedom before the big day. Some people plan a night, traditionally the night before the wedding, to have the party. Others take an entire weekend for the hen party and go somewhere on a mini vacation. Regardless of when it’s done or how long the duration, there is one part of a hen night that is always consistent. Figuring out which hens party games to play during the time is an important part of the experience and a big responsibility for the hostess who is usually the maid or matron of honor.

    When choosing hens party games, there are a few factors to consider. First, decide on how many people will be in attendance. There are certain hens party games that are better suited for smaller groups than others. Next, decide on the venue. If you are going away for the weekend, you will likely have access to a hotel or resort where everyone can gather. If you are doing it for one night, decide on whether it will be at someone’s house or if you are going to go out to a bar or club to celebrate. Finally, consider the guest list. Is the party going to consist of the bride’s best girlfriends who are in the wedding party or will it be expanded to include other friends and family? These questions should be discussed with the bride and decisions made. However, once you have all the information, you can begin planning the hens party games.

    Some of the hens party games are more suited to smaller groups of people. Some of the games that include individual participation can drag on too long if you have to go to each person in order to complete the game. The people who are waiting around for their turn may get bored and you definitely do not want anyone bored at a hen party. So, if you have a very large group, team activities, races and contests are the best choices. Everyone will get to participate and there will be no waiting around.

    If you are staying in or have access to a private area, most games can be played. However, if you are going to a club or bar, there are certain games that are better suited to those types of venues. Drinking games are always a lot of fun when visiting your local club as are dare games. Anything that makes you use the imagination and have a bit of bawdy fun is great for going out. Be careful when choosing hens party games, though, of who will be in attendance. You don’t want to make the older crowd or those who are a bit more shy uncomfortable by playing some of the more lewd or bawdy games. You want everyone to have fun and participate, so with a little careful planning and some consideration of all the factors, you will come up with some hens party games.

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  • When you think about a hen party, you probably think of some wild times with a bunch of girls having a great time for the bride’s last night of freedom. This is a pretty accurate description for most hen nights. Usually it is held in a home or in a bar and includes hens night drinking games. There are no men allowed to attend the party and if there is drinking there will usually be some interesting stories coming out of it. Remember that whatever happens should stay between the people who were at the party. No talking to others and especially the groom about what occurred at hen night especially during the hens night drinking games.

    One of the favorite hens night drinking games is the old classic, Truth or Dare. This classic party game is perfect for hens nights. Someone chooses to participate in a truth or a dare. They either have to answer a question or complete the dare. It may seem like a simple premise for a game but the more people drink and the more creative they are, the more fun this can be. It can sometimes be funny or even embarrassing. Of course, if someone really feels uncomfortable participating in a particular question or dare, they have the choice to opt out but they have to pay the consequences. Sometimes this can be almost as fun as the original task. To keep with the hens night drinking games theme, you can require someone who refuses to do a dare to take a shot.

    Another of the favorite hens night drinking games is I Never. One person starts by saying, “I never…” and then comes up with something she has never done. If anyone in the group has actually done it, they have to drink. The game continues to the next person in line. This is one of the hens night drinking games that allows everyone to get to know a little bit about everyone and possibly to learn a few deep dark secrets.

    The more hens night drinking games that are played, the more fun it can be. Everyone begins to lose their inhibitions and get a lot more creative and daring. It can be really funny to watch someone come out of their shell and do something you know they would not normally do when they were completely sober. The hens night drinking games are a tradition for a bride’s last night of freedom and can be a lot of fun. The entertainment value everyone will get out of it is priceless.

    Choose the hens night drinking games for an interesting time during the party. Make sure to take some pictures also. Even though there may be some people who do not want to be reminded of what they did, it is still a fun memento of a great time. Imagine sitting around much later after the wedding is all said and done and reminiscing about the hens night drinking games that were played on that last evening and seeing all the funny pictures of the event.

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  • It is customary for the maid or matron of honor to throw the bride a party celebrating her last night of freedom. This night is called a hen night. She gets together with her friends and has a fun time with no men allowed. The hostess will plan the party and consider the bride’s tastes when doing so. Sometimes the party is held at a home and sometimes it is a night out on the town, going to a favorite bar or club. There are various activities throughout the night, including games. It is up to the hostess to come up with several games including the bride’s favorite hens night game.

    The hostess along with the bride will decide on the theme for the party and compile the guest list. Depending on who will be attending, the party can be an elegant evening with fine foods and drinks and a few games. Or, it can be a really wild time and a chance for all involved, especially the bride, to let her hair down and have some adventurous fun. There is usually some food and alcohol involved as well as the tradition of playing several games during the evening. It is important to have three or four games to pass the time but there should also be plenty of free time so that everyone has a chance to socialize and have some one on one time with the bride.

    A favorite hens night game that is often played at the beginning of the night and follows through to the end is a game called Banned Words. This is a hens night game where the hostess chooses some words that can not be said for the duration of the evening. It is typical that these words are common ones that would be spoken during the evening, generally something that has to do with the upcoming wedding. Words like “wedding”, “marriage”, “bride” and “groom” are typical choices in the banned words. Everyone is made aware that they can not say the words on the list or they have to pay the consequences for doing so when they get caught.

    One of the consequences can be taking a drink or doing a shot. Another favorite for this hens night game is to pay a fine. It does not have to be much but at the end of the night even some small change can add up to quite a bit. If you choose a fine, the money will typically be given to the bride so she has some spending money to use on her honeymoon. Another fun consequence used in this hens night game is to come up with a dare or challenge for the person who said the word. Coming up with fun dares can be a great way to have some funny moments where everyone can have a bit of a laugh. When picking the favorite hens night game, keep in mind you want to make this a fun and memorable evening for all involved.

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  • One of the most fun parts of planning a hens night is choosing hens night games and ideas. This may seem like a lot of work and can seem like a daunting task at first. However, with a few suggestions, it can be a lot easier to pick some appropriate hens night games and ideas that will be sure to please the entire group. Everyone will leave the party with a smile on their face and will thoroughly enjoy the time they spent with the bride on her last night of freedom. If you are looking for a few hens night games and ideas there are several from which to choose:

    • Quiz the bride – For these hens night games and ideas, the hostess asks personal questions of the groom and each guest takes turns asking the bride to see how well she knows her intended. It’s fun to see how well the bride knows her husband to be. Get as creative as you wish with the questions and make sure to save the answers to show the groom!
    • Rate the Man – This is an ideal game for going out on the town. Each lady has cards from 1-10. When a guy walks by or comes in the door, he’s rated by the party. This can be a lot of fun and quite funny as well.
    • Treasure Hunt – The party planners hide various items throughout the house and give each guest a card with clues. Each person has to find as many items as possible. The one with the most items wins a prize. Items can be fairly sedate or as naughty as you dare! An alternative to this game is to have tasks for people to accomplish while out on the town. This is one of those great team building hens night games and ideas.
    • Truth or Dare – This classic party game is perfect for hens nights. Someone chooses to participate in a truth or a dare. They either have to answer a question or complete the dare. This can be a lot of fun and embarrassing sometimes.
    • Ugliest picture – This is something that takes a little pre party planning. This is also one of the games to play at a hens night that can be a lot fun and very entertaining. Each person is tasked with trying to dig up the ugliest possible picture of the groom they can find. This one is perfect for relatives. After the worst one is agreed upon, the bride has to carry it with her and show everyone she meets who she is marrying.
    • Who owns the bag? – Each person takes three items out of their handbag. The items are shown and the guests have to guess who owns them.
    • Write a Poem – Either romantic or bawdy, have teams come up with a little ditty and then vote on the best one. The hostess can arrange the completed poems in a keepsake for the bride later on.

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